10 Major Retail Stores That Allow Dogs

We all like to take our pups with use on outings, but it can be
confusing trying to figure out where they are welcome. Beware of
“dog friendly” lists online. While researching this, I found
many companies that other sites claim are dog friendly, but a quick
call to the local store showed otherwise.  For example, one site
even claimed Bed, Bath, & Beyond had special dog shopping
carts. I contacted the company and they had no idea what I was
talking about regarding the carts, and said they only allow service
animals. So if you want to know what major retailers allow dogs,
read on.

As some stores may be in a mall or have individual pet
policies, it’s always best to contact the store before arriving
with your canine companion. And remember, bring a leash and be
ready to clean up any mess your pup may leave.
#1 –
Home Depot

This home improvement chain is known for being pretty dog
friendly, but definitely call your local one before heading out as
their policy is actually varies from manager to manager. Sometimes
the cashiers even had dog cookies, which always makes my pups

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#2 – Lowe’s

Like Home Depot, most Lowe’s stores welcome four-legged
shoppers. It’s a great place to take dogs because of the wide,
concrete aisles.

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#3 – Barnes and Noble

I have actually taken my dogs into a Barnes and Noble at Fashion
Island in Newport, California. However, like most of these chains,
call ahead as not all of their stores are pet friendly.

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#4 – Pottery Barn

While the idea of letting my bouncy puppy into a pottery barn
makes me cringe (so many things to break!) this chic establishment
does let dogs in depending on the location. So call ahead before
you take your dog to help pick out your next table setting.

@Stockmonkeys.com@Stockmonkeys.com #5 –

Of course they are dog friendly. Just remember your dog must be
well-behaved and on leash. If you were thinking of dropping your
dog off for daycare, be aware they do not accept most “bully
breeds” at the discretion of the manager.

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#6 – Petco

Like Petsmart, Petco always welcomes well behaved, leashed pets.
However, they do not seem to always have treats at the register,
which makes for a disgruntled dog.

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#7 – Macy’s

Macy’s has a long history of being involved with pets. From
donating window space at their San Francisco store to the local
SPCA to their Petacular and Barkfast event held in NYC, they love
pets. I took my puppy to Macy’s in Fashion Island, Newport Beach,
CA and was shocked at how dog savvy the manager was – he asked if
he was friendly and then crouched low and to the side of my dog to
greet him.

@AFairytailHouse@AFairytailHouse #8 – Bass
Pro Shop

They actually have a blog entry about allowing dogs in their
stores. While their Altoona, Iowa location is definitely dog
friendly, the company says to call your local store to check before
going, as policies differ from store to store.

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#9 – Hobby Lobby

Whether you’re picking up some fabrics or shopping for the
latest crafting project, Hobby Lobby is a great place to spend time
with your furry friend. The corporate office says that there is no
policy against dogs, but they suggest calling your local store to
check before going, as policies differ from store to store.

#10 – TJMaxx

Shopping for the latest fashion? TJMaxx allows leashed pets to
peruse with patrons. Some stores even have a pet section with toys
and other supplies. As always, give your local store a call first
to make sure they are Fido-friendly.

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10 Major Retail Stores That Allow Dogs