8 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

There is a
large body of scientific evidence
 to support that dogs do
indeed love their people. Every dog owner knows this to be true.
Puppy love is the real deal, and our dogs prove it to us everyday
with these 8 fur ball ways of saying, “I love you.”

dog licking

#1 – Puppy Kisses

One of the most obvious ways that our pups show they care is by
licking our face, hands, and feet. The American Kennel Club says
that dogs
lick us for a variety of reasons
 including enjoying the taste
of our skin and because they frequently get positive reinforcement
for doing it. Dog lovers everywhere know that the realreason
they do it is to show us love. As pups they received a ton of this
kind of attention from their mothers. Mama dogs lick their puppies
primarily as a means to keep them clean but lots of love and
devotion is being communicated through that grooming process. It
makes sense that dogs would mimic that behavior with their owners
who take such good loving care of them.

#2 – I Wanna See You Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit

Whether you’ve been gone for five minutes or five days, the
greeting you expect to see involves a butt that’s wiggling and a
tail that’s wagging. Some pups
take it to the extreme
 as the wiggle takes hold of their
entire body, stem to stern. This happy dance is the universal sign
of pure joy in seeing you and simply radiates love and affection.
Wiggling knows no limits across sizes, breeds, and mixes. From AKC
registered to mixed rescues, pups big and small perform this
adorable ritual, delighting their families and showing they

I’d love to hug this big
dog too! #3 – Pawsome Hugs

There is a rich amount of
research on human hugging
. The science behind the warm feelings
that a hug delivers have to do with your body’s release of all
sorts of feel good hormones when wrapped in the arms of those you
love. Your pooch may not have the right kind of joints to embrace
you but she can hug you all the same, in her uniquely doggie way.
Some pups take the arms over your shoulders approach while sitting
up on their back sides. Others lower their head and press it into
your chest. Whatever the method, pups send a clear signal with
these heart melting hugs.  

#4 – Playing Favorites

Parents may be experts at denying that favoritism exists but
dogs don’t have that level of diplomacy. They will quite often

pick a favorite human
 and be exceedingly obvious at showing
it. Any human that has been repeatedly ditched in favor of another
family member knows well the signs of playing favorites. You just
may be your pup’s favorite if he lights up everytime you walk in
the room, abandons the affection of others in search of more
attention from you and only you, and generally sticks close by your
side. He may also be more obedient when receiving commands from you
and show more remorse when he’s done something to displease you.
He chooses you above all others and what better way to show he
cares? Only having eyes for you is an unmistakable method of
communicating puppy love.

#5 – Talking to

We’ve all seen at least one viral video of pets making very human like sounds.
Some dogs are outright chatterboxes and seem to have an opinion on
everything from taking a walk to getting out of bed in the morning.
These attempts at verbal communication capture our attention and
give us the giggles. Research on the subject proves that many
animals, including birds and primates, have the physical
ability to mimic nearly every sound
 in human speech and that
when “talking” to each other, meaning is conveyed. However, the
message appears to get lost between dog mouths and human ears.
Although not well understood, it seems these behaviors are rooted
in the desire to pleasetheir human rather than actually
communicate. EIther way, their willingness to try is endearing and
yet another way they show their love.

#6 – Your Guilty Pleasure is Their Highest Honor

Our closest companions, dogs show just how much they care by
snuggling up and binge watching any show you care to watch even if
it’s one you would publicly deny indulging in. They are honored
to be by your side for an endless stream of human entertainment. So
long as they are lounging, they couldn’t care less what kind of
junk you’re ingesting. They will endure countless rose
ceremonies, cat fights, or keeping ups without delivering one caddy
comment. Now, that’s love.

#7 – Endure Anything
Just to See You Smile

Pet clothing is a massively successful market and it’s on the
rise. A survey by the National Retail Foundation concluded that 31
million people would be
dressing up their pet for Halloween 2018
 to the tune of $480
million spent on costumes. Plenty of dog owners enjoy dressing up
their little pumpkins year round, too. Although many insist that
their canine companions absolutely adore being buttoned up, if dogs
could talk they’d probably tell us a different story. They endure
this entire show because in exchange they receive praise. They do
it because they love us and are ready and willing do anything to
see us smile.

#8 – For Better or For Worse

Research published in Springer Link points to what dog owners
already fully understand:
dogs read and react to our emotions.
 When we are excited, they
get excited. If we feel nervous, they become unsettled. If we are
disappointed, they hope they are not to blame. This phenomenon
never rings more true than when you are feeling sad and in need of
some sympathy. When life delivers a blow, your dog will be right
there to lick the tears streaming down your face. She will tenderly
sit by your side and exude compassion and care, bringing you
comfort in your darkest hours. She will be there, through thick and
thin, and in doing so prove without doubt that her love for you
runs deep.

Unconditional Love That Lasts A Lifetime

As they say, love makes the world go round. You feel the love in
so many heartwarming ways when you share your world with a dog.

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8 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”