A Dog’s Journey review – corny canine caper

Bailey the body-hopping hound bounds back in this unashamed agglomeration of poop jokes and puppy eyes

This dogtainment is the sequel to A Dog’s Purpose (2017), the Lasse Hallström holiday timekiller chiefly notable for its faithful translation of author W Bruce Cameron’s bizarre concept: its onscreen walkies were narrated by a free-floating canine spirit (bearing the voice of Frozen’s Josh Gad) who jumped from dog’s body to dog’s body like Scott Bakula in some canine Quantum Leap reboot.

On a second runout, that USP seems less eccentric, but equally some of the oddball novelty has worn off. Four credited screenwriters – including former Simpsons scribes Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky, upping the poop-joke quotient – merely use that astral projection to usher another conveyor belt of pooches through much the same cornily conservative scenarios the studios churned out in Rin Tin Tin’s heyday.

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Source: theguardian
A Dog’s Journey review – corny canine caper