Barklife: Paris finally allows dogs into its public parks

The city famed for its love of les petit chiens is finally letting them access its world-famous parks and gardens

When Lucie Desnos was looking for an apartment, she had one important condition: that it be near a park where she could walk her dog. Such a demand is far from unusual among house-hunters with pets, but can be particularly difficult to fulfil in Paris, where dogs have long been banned from most public parks and gardens.

“Every dog owner [in Paris] will say the same thing,” she says. “It’s very difficult to find a place to have dogs meet together, and to have them play and run around.”

We are passing from a regime of prohibition to one of permission

One of the more bonkers rules in Paris was the one that banned dogs from almost all parks. Last year, only 77 out of 490 green spaces in the city allowed on-leash dogs to enter. But in 2019, signs are going up around the city letting dog owners know they can mosey on in.

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Source: theguardian
Barklife: Paris finally allows dogs into its public parks