Best Gift Ideas for Small Dogs and Their Owners

Billions of dollars are spent every year on food, supplements
and accessories for dogs. Small dogs are toted in their own
designer purses and dressed with color-coordinated booties.
Specialty toys encourage learning and training. Bottom line: gift
ideas for small dogs can be a little overwhelming.

If you are looking for unique and memorable gift ideas for small
dogs, start by thinking about the dog lover that calls themselves
mom or dad. Dog lovers stop at nothing to find the latest trends
for their baby.

Here are some great gift ideas for dog moms and dog dads

Small Dog Gift Ideas by Occasion

Gift ideas vary depending on the reason for buying a dog gift.
While most dogs find presents under the Christmas tree or for their
birthdays, there are many other times of the year to get a dog (or
his owner) a present.

Holiday Season Gift Ideas for Small Dogs

Holiday gifts for small dog owners start with traditional
reindeer ears, peanut butter dog biscuits and flannel pajamas to
sleep by the fireplace waiting for Santa to come. There are many
other great gift ideas for dogs during the holiday season.

Pet Pillow: What dog doesn’t need a new cozy
pillow to lay his head on while waiting for his owner to start his
favorite movie, Lady and the Tramp. Holiday pet pillows help small
dogs fall fast asleep so the reindeer can land on the roof
undetected by alert ears.

Dog Jacket: The snow and freezing conditions of
winter mean that even the thickest dog coats can leave a dog
chilly. Small dogs often start to shiver. Keep those pups warm
during the snowball fight with a jacket that is both stylish and

DNA Test: Dog owners always wonder about the
actual breed of dog they have. Even a papered pure breed might have
traits suggesting some breed other than his known parents. A DNA
test is an interesting gift to understand the quirks of man’s
best friend. It also helps pet owners mitigate potential genetic
health issues.

Personalized Stocking: All family members
should have a stocking on the mantle. Give a small dog an extra
special stocking with her name stitched in. Once filled with her
favorite dog treats, she’ll know Santa thought she was a good

Bow Tie: The holidays are filled with many
holiday parties. Prep the pup in style with a fashionable bow tie

Plush Toy: Let the pup ring in
the New Year with his very own plush bottle of Dog Perignonn.
He’s sure to be the life of the party without needing to worry
about being the designated driver.

Family Matching Pajamas: Nothing says family
more than matching pajamas. Now families can get a pair for mom,
dad, kids, dogs and even the family cat. Enjoy a night in with the
entire family watching a movie and cuddles on the couch.

Moncler Mondog Jacket: The dog wearing the

Moncler Mondog Jacket
is the style-envy of the neighborhood. It
is both stylish and warm for those cold winter walks around town.
This jacket comes in a variety of colors to go with a small dog’s
favorite colors.

Heated Pet Bed: Since dogs can’t have hot
chocolate, give them a heated pet bed to cozy up while mom dog
enjoys a cold winter’s night indoors. A safe way to keep your dog
cozy without having him steal your covers.

Paw Print Ornament: A little craft-time
together helps a family bond. Paw print ornament kids are located
at most craft stores where mom dogs and dads can create a unique
keepsake Christmas ornament for the tree.

Housewarming Gifts for Small

When a small dog moves into his new home with his parents, he
can feel a little overwhelmed. Few things are familiar and most of
his items may even be packed away when he first gets there. But new
digs mean new things for your furry friend. Here are some gifts for
the dog that needs to set up his new dog pad.

Sheffield Dog Bed: Every dog loves being the
king of the castle and nothing says “king” better than his very
own Sheffield Dog Bed. The sleigh bed platform design is easy for
him to climb in, feel safe and cozy and leaves dog owners a little
more space on their own beds.

Flirt Pole: Small dogs like hunting little
critters just as much as kitty cats do. In fact, many dog breeds
are bred as critter hunters. This is why the flirt pole resembling
a fishing pole is a great gift idea for the pet owner who wants to
keep their puppy busy without a lot of running around

Tornado Treat Dispensing Dog Toy: The smart
toys are all the rage because large and small dogs alike are
starting to do algebraic problems. To help dogs get ahead of the
puppy training curve, a Tornado Treat Dispensing Dog Toy forces the
dog to work the puzzle before the treat is accessible.

BarkBox Gift Subscription: Dogs don’t bark at
the mailman when their own little care package arrives every month.
The Barkbox comes
filled with seasonal treats, chew toys and special toys that will
have your dog jumping in to get started.

Neater Feeder: Even small dogs benefit from the
ergonomic design of the Neater
. Not only does this food dish holder keep a dog’s head
perfectly aligned, but it also keeps feeding time clean without
slashing of water and overflow of food.

Pawdicure Kit: Give small dogs a little
pampering with a pawdicure in between grooming sessions. Working
with your small dog’s claws not only keeps her healthy but is an
important bonding period where a dog builds trust with her

Insect Repellant Bandana
: A simple and stylish way to protect
dogs from fleas, ticks, mosquitos and flies when away from home.
The bandana is odor-free but treated with repellant that withstands
up to 70 washes.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed & Carrier
: Make traveling as
luxurious as home for your small dog. This mobile pet carrier has a
cushioned bed to helps pets feel safe and comfortable. Less stress
on pets leads to more enjoyable excursions for the entire

Pet Stroller: That tiny four-legged furball
just can’t always keep up with the pace of an active family. But
no one wants to stay at home. A pet stroller lets small dogs enjoy
a day out with the perfect place to rest while on the go.

Year-Round Gifts for Small Dogs

Holidays throughout the year are a great way to let that small
dog and his owner know how much you care. Whether a Mother’s Day
gift to honor the dog mom or graduation gifts to celebrate training
success, get in the party mood with these small dog gift ideas.

Bone Toggle Collar: For the stylish pup in your
life. This leather toggle style collar will make any small dog find
their big dog posture. It’s the perfect accessory to a day out
shopping with mom.

Pet Wi-Fi Camera: A perfect gift for the pet
owner who feels guilty about leaving Fifi at home alone. The pet
wi-fi camera lets pet owners see their pets while they are away.
Interactive options even reward the pet for answering the call.

Dog Breed Chef’s Apron: A chef’s apron is
the perfect companion to your companion helping catch those
accidental scraps that make their way to the floor. Honor that
little taste tester with the ultimate in kitchen styles with a
special dog breed chef’s apron.

Friendship Collar and Bracelet: Like mom dog,
like dog daughter. Isn’t that how the saying goes? This
friendship collar is the ultimate matching accessory that gives mom
a bracelet that matches her dog’s stylish collar.

Pet Massager: Even dogs need some help with
rest and relaxation and the pet massager is the perfect solution. A
couple of rolling balls that guide along the back muscles of your
pup will certainly relax their body after a busy day playing

Pooch Selfie Ball: No mom dog or dad is without
a phone full of dog photos. But selfies can be hard when the little
pooch gets distracted. Solution: the pooch selfie ball sits over
the phone so the dog’s attention is on what he wants, the ball.
Instagram watch out!

Fetch Machine: It isn’t always convenient for
dog parents to play fetch. But that little puppy doesn’t need to
wait if he has his very own fetch machine that launches a ball down
the hall or across the backyard. He brings it back, drops it in and
starts all over for hours of fun.

Dog Teepee
: Stylish and practical, small dogs love having a dog
teepee. It gives them a place of seclusion to sleep and adds a fun
whimsical element to a room compared to a traditional dog bed.

Custom or Handmade Gift Ideas for Small Dogs

Pet owners love custom gifts. Find the perfect handmade or
customized gift idea to make every dog feel loved and unique.

Personalized Pet Harness: Many pet owners use a
harness for their dogs to make walking and handling a little safer
for both. A personalized pet harness embroiders the dog’s name
and contact information on the harness. Customize color
combinations to match the dog or his owner’s personality.

Socks or Leggings: Get customized socks or
leggings with your dog’s picture on it. With low-cost drop
shipping imprint companies, these are easy to do and a fun way to
always keep your dog’s personality with you at all times.

Fast Book: Every dog has a story and a fast
book helps tell that story in your favorite pictures. These are
small so they can easily fit in a purse to show your small dog off
when he can’t be there with you.

Doggie Clone Plush: Send a picture in and get a
little plush copycat of your dog – well copydog. Your dog may be
confused with the intruder that looks like the one in the mirror
but he’ll grow to love his plush companion as much as you do.

Memorial Gifts for Mourning Owners

Dog paw and hand shaking

It’s hard to talk about the grief of losing a dog. For the
mourning dog owner, it can be hard to describe the emptiness that
happens with a void that doesn’t seem like it could ever be
filled. If you know someone who has just lost their dog or is
spending their first holiday without their furbaby, think about a
gift that will not just be a beautiful memorial but opens the door
for a conversation to help them get through the grieving

You could get a personalized memorial stone or cremation urn
that becomes a beautiful celebration of the life for the dead dog.
Hand drawn sketches and portraits are another way to memorialize a
dog that has died. Some companies offer sympathy boxes for pet
owners in grief and many charities will allow you to donate on
behalf of a pet owner in memorial of their loved dog.

Choosing a Small Dog Gift

With so many great ideas, how does a gift-giver choose? Consider
the personality of the pet, the personality of the owner as well as
any allergies or health restrictions the pet may have. Also,
consider the lifestyle of the dog family. It doesn’t give anyone
any enjoyment if a gift just doesn’t fit the activities that the
dog and his owner do regularly.

Toys as Choking Hazards

There are a lot of toys on the market for dogs. Heck, most dogs
can enjoy a good stick to gnaw on. This means that dog owners and
gift givers need to be aware of potential choking hazards. Just
like kids, there are many toys not made with safety in mind and the
pet industry is not regulated to the same degree as for human

Be aware of plush toys that have parts such as eyes or buttons
that easily come off. These can choke a small dog or even their big
brothers). The inside of the toy is also a danger if the dog
ingests it. The stuffing of the plush can obstruct digestive
tracts. Rawhides, antlers and bones also become choking hazards and
in some cases lead to digestive issues.

Always supervise dogs with toys and remove the toys when they
start to break. When buying toys, look for items that don’t have
a lot of extra parts sewn together or added on. The less there is
to break off, the easier it is to manage the dog’s play with the
item in a safe fashion.

If you are concerned with whether a dog product is deemed safe,
go online to see what others are saying about the product. Does it
last long or get destroyed quickly? The Center for Pet Safety
does a lot of safety tests and ratings of products found in the
market to give a more scientific review of dog toys, carriers and
other products.

Health Issues and Treats

Some dogs just can’t have the same types of food or treats as
others. Deficiencies in many popular dog brands have led to
allergies, digestive issues and weight problems for some dogs. If
you plan on buying specialty treats of any sort, make sure it
won’t create a health issue.

Small dogs watching their waistline need low-calorie treats.
Don’t let the size of the treat fool you. There are recipes that
let a small dog have a big treat designed to fill him up with fewer

Ask questions about ingredients. Many dogs have sensitive
tummies. Treats that are too rich in protein might lead to
diarrhea. Just like humans, some dogs might also have allergies to
things like peanuts, thus peanut butter treats are out of the
question. While most pet owners know what their dog can or can’t
have, a gift giver should ask to make sure everyone remains healthy
and happy.

The Dog’s (and Owner’s) Personality

A fetch machine is a great idea until you realize that the dog
could care less about chasing after a ball. As hard as it is to
believe, many dogs don’t have the attention span for extended
periods of fetch.

Buying a play gift for a tog means understanding the dog’s
personality. Retrievers and many sporting dogs love to play fetch
and will go nuts with anything that makes the game even better.
Then there are hunting dogs like little terriers that really love
squeaky toys as they pretend to be the hunter around the house.

And then you have those, like the pug, whose favorite game is
sleeping on a friendly lap. He’d probably love the matching
pajamas. Spend the time to learn about the dog, its breed and
regular habits to find a gift that matches the dog with the best
possible item.

Setting a Gift Budget 

Dogs might choke on some toys; people tend to choke on the
sticker prices of pet products.  American pet owners spent nearly
$70 million on their pets in 2017 meaning it can be easy to rack up
some costs with pet gifts. Quality gifts are not cheap and finding
that special something that is as unique as the relationship
between a dog and his owner means specialty gifts.

Buying a present for your own small dog is easier than buying
one for a friend. After all, money is no object for your own
furbaby. Plus, there isn’t a guarantee that Fido’s friend will
love what he does.

Set a budget before you start shopping for gifts. This gives the
search a narrow focus. Then create a list of gift ideas. You might
not be able to afford the Moncler Mondog Jacket, but if you know
that is what you are looking for, you can start to look for similar
items at a better price point. Whatever you end up buying, check
reviews to make sure the product is good quality and not

Source: FS – TheDogTrainingSecret
Best Gift Ideas for Small Dogs and Their Owners