Boozehounds Combines Bar, Dog Park

Umm, did anyone think this through?

Weird combination businesses are nothing new. If a beauty parlor
can be under the same roof and management as chainsaw cleaning and
there’s a jewelry store & specialty bakery company, then
perhaps a funeral home paired with mini-golf is not that out of
line. Still, I was caught off guard by the announcement that there
will soon be
a place that combines a bar (for people) with a dog park

On the good side, the name—Boozehounds—is perfect. And the
opportunity for people to socialize while their dogs run around and
play is theoretically a fine plan. People can have a drink, enjoy
the big screen TVs there and hang out with other people at a place
where their dogs are welcome. The playtime and adventures could
benefit many dogs who might otherwise be left home alone.

Source: FS – Dogs – TBM
Boozehounds Combines Bar, Dog Park