Brevard Zoo Welcomes Masai Giraffe Calf


Brevard Zoo welcomed a
newborn Masai Giraffe on October 19. The little one, a male, was
born six feet tall and weighed 158 pounds.

The as-yet-unnamed calf arrived around 5:15 a.m., entering the
world feet-first. He is the ninth offspring of 18-year-old mother,
Johari, and the twelfth sired by 20-year-old Rafiki.


Photo Credits: Brevard Zoo

“The newborn Giraffe underwent a neonatal exam, where we
checked his overall health,” said Michelle Smurl, the Zoo’s
director of animal programs. “He looked to be in great condition
at his checkup on Saturday.”

The calf will remain behind the scenes with Johari for a few
weeks before making his first appearance in Expedition Africa.

Eight of the Zoo’s nine Giraffe belong to the Masai
subspecies, which is native to Tanzania and southern Kenya. Habitat
loss, poaching and civil unrest pose the most significant threats
to Giraffe in their natural habitat.

Source: FS – Zoo Borns
Brevard Zoo Welcomes Masai Giraffe Calf