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Delighted as I was to see appropriate reporting of the rise in power of Evie the cabinet cat (Cat-inet office: felines are taking over, G2, 9 April), I was sorry that, in concentrating on her and Larry, no attention was paid to the most powerful Whitehall cat, Gladstone (aka @TreasuryMog). Apart from showing far greater political acumen than any of his human counterparts, he manages to combine a healthily disrespectful commentary on political developments with running a weekly online yoga class, occasional quizzes, a very valuable cats lost-and-found service and memorials for those cats who, in his words, have “gone over the rainbow bridge”. A multitasker for our times – and also an efficient mouser.
Anne Cowper

• Kim Newman (Exposing children to horror films isn’t the nightmare you think it is,, 10 April) ignores the decades of sensitive classification analysis, expertise, research and advice by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) into age-appropriate categories, since the time when “H” signalled that this treat really was for adult minds.
Mike Bor
(BBFC examiner, 1984-2000), London

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Source: theguardian
Cabinet cats are the purrfect distraction | Brief letters