Dog Found Alive After 1 Month Of Being Trapped Under Hurricane Dorian Rubble

Miracle Dog Dorian Cover

The Big Dog Ranch Rescue is working tirelessly to find dogs in
the Bahamas that are still in need in the aftermath of Hurricane
Dorian. By using new methods of technology, they came across
something incredible.

The Bahamas are still dealing with the aftermath of the
devastation that Hurricane Dorian left behind. Along with the
locals in the area, are the pets that have been left to fend for
themselves, and fight for survival in a desperate situation.

While working in an area with so much debris from the storm,
rescuers have started to get creative with their searches. With the
help of a drone, rescue workers found Miracle; a severely emaciated
pup who had been trapped under an air conditioning unit for the
last month.

Miracle Hurricane Dorian

When rescuers saw this sweet boy on the drone footage, they had
no idea what to expect. Once they arrived to the scene, they
realized just how serious the situation was. Miracle appeared to be
pinned between heavy metal, and there was no way to know just how
seriously injured he was. After working to lift the debris from his
legs, Miracle was able to crawl to her rescuers.

Miracle Hurricane Dorian

The first thing you see on his rescue footage is the immediate
wag of his tail at once he was freed. It was obvious just how
gracious he was to his rescuers, and how relieved he was to be in
their loving arms.

After examining the area where Miracle was found, his harsh
reality for the last month became clear. He was fighting to survive
with only the consumption of rain water, and the possibility that
any small critters crossed his path.

Miracle Hurricane Dorian

Miracle is now under the care of The Big Dog Ranch Rescue. They
have made it their mission to make up for the time that this poor
pup has suffered, and offer him a future filled with hope.

Miracle Hurricane Dorian

Miracle defied the odds to survive, and with the help of his
dedicated team of rescuers, he will see another day. We are so
grateful for the incredible work that The Big Dog Ranch Rescue is
providing for the dogs of the Bahamas.

It’s unclear at this point if Miracle had a family. If a
family for him does not come forward, he will be looking for a
forever home once he has fully recovered. If you are interested in
following Miracle’s story, you can keep up on the Big Dog Ranch
Rescue’s Facebook


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Dog Found Alive After 1 Month Of Being Trapped Under Hurricane
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Dog Found Alive After 1 Month Of Being Trapped Under Hurricane Dorian Rubble