Dog Walks, Sniffing, Shaking and Pulse Rate

New research explores the connections

Though walks with dogs are completely commonplace, there have
been remarkably few research studies on how these excursions affect
our dogs. Almost any study in this area is likely to find out new
things because we know so little about it.
A recent study explored the pulse rate of dogs on walks
found some interesting results related to leash length, sniffing
and the behavior that is most commonly described as “shaking it

Sixty-one dogs were walked three times for 5 minutes each, and
their pulse was recorded throughout. One walk was with a 1.5m
leash, one was with a 5m leash and one walk was without a leash.
(The order of the walks for each dog was random.) The dogs in the
study were diverse in terms of breed, age, reproductive status,
size and lifestyle.


Source: FS – Dogs – TBM
Dog Walks, Sniffing, Shaking and Pulse Rate