Doggy Retirement Home Finds A Hilarious Solution To Pup’s Separation Anxiety

Take note, pet lovers – some jobs are best left to a

Kristen Peralta runs Vintage Dog
, a facility that cares for senior dogs. Her husband,
Marc, has a senior pug of his own named Shorty. Shorty was a stray
who wound up in a Philadelphia shelter at the time Marc was working
there. The two met, Marc adopted him, and they’ve been
inseparable ever since!

The one and only thing that comes between Marc and Shorty is
work. Marc often has to travel out of town for business, leaving
Shorty with Kristen. She tells iHeartDogs:

“Sometimes I think he loves Shorty more than he loves me! When
Marc is away, Shorty will cry and whine for hours. Nothing will
calm him down.”

Marc’s most recent trip put Shorty in a real funk. While
Kristen’s mother was paying a visit during Marc’s absence, she
noticed the sulking senior and decided something had to be done.
Her idea turned out to be beyond genius!

“My mom stayed over one night and saw how upset Shorty was.
So, the next day she went online and purchased a life size dummy.
She told me about it and I thought it was funny, but it would never

“Shorty had been crying all day. The dummy arrived and I
dressed it in one of Marc’s already-worn shirts. I sat Shorty in
the lap and wrapped the arms around him. He calmed down
immediately. He fell asleep in half an hour and slept through the
night. It was really incredible.”

Shorty doesn’t seem to mind at all that his dear old dad
doesn’t talk, doesn’t make eye contact, or doesn’t pet him.
He’s happy just laying in his lap, staring adoringly into his
glassy, unblinking eyes!

Kristen was surprised that they were able to pull one over on
Shorty – she was convinced that the other senior dogs would sense
that something was up, but they’ve all welcomed their
Mannequin-Marc with wagging tails!

“I also thought Bug would be terrified of it and bark at it
non-stop. It’s actually been very popular with most of the pups!
Our other pug Clarence has been sleeping on the lap with his BF
Nougat right next to him. Our Pit Bull Asher loves to lay next to
the dummy and there have been a few sleeping on the feet. It’s
really so cute! Bug actually thinks he’s a real person and goes
crazy licking the face! They all love it and they will snuggle next
to it when I’m not home. It’s so cute to see.”

The dummy has been a comfort to the senior residents at Vintage Pet
. Marc’s no dummy but we’re sure they’ll be happy
to see him when he gets back home!

You can see more photos of these sweet seniors by checking out
Vintage Pet
Rescue on Facebook

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Doggy Retirement Home Finds A Hilarious Solution To Pup’s
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Doggy Retirement Home Finds A Hilarious Solution To Pup’s Separation Anxiety