Euthanized Pup Comes Back To Life And Finds A Happy Home

At only 8 months old Rudolph’s short life was going to end.
For no reason other than bad luck he had found himself in a
crowded, high-risk shelter in Oklahoma and his time was up. Shelter
veterinarians went through the end-of-life procedure as usual, the
same procedure they’d done before, and left Rudolph to pass in
the room alone. Rudolph closed his eyes, but this wasn’t the

When he returned, the vet found Rudolph still breathing and
waking up from his nap! Against all odds, little Rudolph had
survived a procedure that takes the lives of millions of shelter
animals a year! The veterinarian knew that space and resources were
limited in the facility but he refused to attempt euthanizing the
pup a second time. Instead, a spot for Rudolph was found in a
no-kill rescue where he would have a real chance at life.

Rudolph was transferred from the Oklahoma shelter to King’s
Harvest Pet Rescue
in Iowa. Rescuers were fascinated by the
lucky little dog, and they shared his story on Facebook. News of
Rudolph’s miracle spread quickly, and adoption applications
flooded the rescue!

After careful consideration, Rudolph’s new family was chosen,
and he has since gone home!

Dogs that even look like Pit Bulls have a harder time finding
homes than other shelter dogs. Black dogs are also left behind in
favor of other pets. To most adopters, Rudolph had two strikes
against him. The procedure meant to end Rudolph’s life helped him
find a happier one!

Congratulations to Rudolph and his new family!


Featured Image:
King’s Harvest Pet Rescue/Facebook

Source: FS – Dogs – iHD
Euthanized Pup Comes Back To Life And Finds A Happy Home