Experience: a stray cat saved me from depression

I got home and I collapsed on the floor with grief. Awol came downstairs and flopped beside me, trying to comfort me

The first time I saw Awol was on my doorstep in December 2016. He was super-cute, with black ears, a little white stripe and a fluffy white belly. I would give him a tickle behind the ear and he would rub around my legs to say hello. I had no idea where he came from.

I work shifts for a railway line and even if I got back late he would be waiting. As soon as I pulled into my street, he would follow my car, come strutting up the drive and roll over, wanting his belly tickled. I never fed him and had no intention of taking him in. I had never been a cat person. I always had dogs

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Source: theguardian
Experience: a stray cat saved me from depression