Funny Dog Posts

Social media provides canine amusement

Like any proper dog lover and member of the canine community, my social media experience is filled with dog photos, comments, news and remarks. I love it! Every time I look, there is something someone has said about their dog or their life with dogs that makes me laugh. I kept track of some of my favorites over the last month or so, and I saved the top 10 to share.

1. I’m in a good place right now. Not spiritually or emotionally—just on my couch with my dog.

2. I would clean my house, but I have 6 dogs. Why bother?

3. Can I call in sick today because I am sick of leaving my dog to go to work?

4. I left my home cooked dinner on the coffee table. I guess it’s takeout again. #RookieMoveWithDogs

5. If I had an alarm clock that sounded like a dog about to vomit, I would bound out of bed each morning like my life depended on it.

Source: FS – Dogs – TBM
Funny Dog Posts