Healthy Dog Euthanized For Burial With Guardian

The law allows it, but few are comfortable with it

A Virginia woman requested that
her dog be euthanized, cremated and buried with her when she
. At the time of her death, her dog—a Shih-Tzu named
Emma—was perfectly healthy and well, creating a clash between
moral and legal issues.

When a representative of the woman’s estate came to the
shelter where Emma was being held, the staff there tried to
persuade him not to euthanize her. They tried to encourage him to
sign over any rights to her and allow her to be adopted by someone
else. However, he refused and chose to follow the instructions in
the deceased woman’s will. Emma was taken to a local veterinarian
and euthanized.

Source: FS – Dogs – TBM
Healthy Dog Euthanized For Burial With Guardian