Heartbroken Man Who Was Saved By A Chihuahua Has Rescued Over 30 Tiny Dogs

Bobby Humphreys is a big guy doing big things in rescue – for
little dogs! Big Guy Littles
World Sanctuary
is Bobby’s passion project. He cares for and
rehomes tiny Chihuahuas who have had rough beginnings or special
needs. But just a few years ago if you had told Bobby that he’d
be spending his days with a pack of teeny Chihuahuas, he might’ve
called you crazy.

For years Bobby’s breed was Rottweilers. The beautiful,
athletic dogs are more the type someone might guess a big, brawny
guy like Bobby would love. He never gave any thought to smaller
breeds, and in fact, would grief other guys he saw with
pocket-sized pups!

“I actually would poke fun at any of my guy friends to
happened to date someone who owned a small dog. I had truly just
never had given one a chance.”

Things changed slowly. It started when, after 17 years, his
marriage came to an abrupt end. Bobby hadn’t seen it coming, and
the suddenness with which it occurred made the pain worse. The
heartbreak was too much to bear, and Bobby considered ending his
own life. But thanks to a friend who refused to let him go down
that path, he made it through.

“I lost faith in humanity. I got weak. I wanted to end it. One
person above all, Connie, kept me on this planet. True friend that
was always there. In fact, she wouldn’t leave me alone long
enough to do what I wanted to do. She literally just wouldn’t go
away no matter how much I told her to. She had lost friends to that
before and wasn’t going to lose me.

“My friend, Connie, had shown me what friendship really meant.
No matter what I needed, she was there for me. Needless to say, I
feel I owe to her quite a bit.”

One day Connie asked Bobby for a favor. She was moving and would
not be able to take her dog: a Chihuahua named Lady that was known
to be unfriendly. Bobby had already met Lady and was not a fan.

“Seeing Lady at friends’ cookouts and listening to stories
from Connie and numerous others, Lady was not exactly somebody I
wanted to be near. Connie admitted that she was very protective of
both her and her son, and that she didn’t really like people.
Especially men. So, honestly, I just steered clear of her until
this point.

“Now, to make matters worse, Lady, is what she would say, a
little off. Lady apparently decided one day to eat [Connie’s
son’s] chemotherapy medicine … Somehow, amazingly, Lady
survived. However, she wasn’t quite right after that… She’s a
little lumpy, a little off, just not quite right.”

Because Connie had been such a good friend, Bobby agreed to take
Lady in. He figured he and his new roommate would do their best to
steer clear of each other to make their new arrangement work.
Connie dropped Lady off while Bobby was at work, and when he got
home she was sat in her kennel quietly under the TV. Bobby decided
to risk getting bitten by letting Lady out, and when Connie got
there later to see how they were getting along, Lady was in
Bobby’s lap, watching TV like they were old friends!

“[Connie] swore she’s never seen anything like this, this
dog hates everybody. Lady and I have been literally inseparable
ever since.”

Bobby was still wrestling with the pain of his sudden
separation, but Lady helped put together the pieces of his broken

“I was still struggling to come to grips with everything.
There were many days I could not even get up and go to work. Weeks
turned into months and the only thing that made me happy was
spending time with Lady. I cannot believe how this little 7 pound
beautiful baby stole my heart.”

But one day he remembered that Lady wasn’t actually his dog
and would go back to living with Connie and her son when the time

“So I set out to find myself my own Lady. I have some
childhood memories of my grandfather’s Minpin named Lucy that I
also was very partial to. I either wanted to find somebody that
looked like Lady or find somebody that looks like Lucy.”

Bobby’s first find was a brown and tan dog named Kira. His
first tiny pup. She was living in less-than-perfect conditions, in
a home where the floor was caked in mud due to the poor
construction, and she was untrained and undisciplined.

“Upon meeting her I was very confident that she would like me
because, of course, Lady, who hates everybody loved me. Boy was I
wrong. I got to see firsthand the fury of a Chihuahua! This puppy
tried to take my hand off literally. She wouldn’t get near me she
barked and growled.”

Bobby was worried that she would greet other prospective
adopters the same way, and no one would want to give her a good
home because of her attitude. To save her, Bobby agreed to take her
hoping she’d come around. By the end of their ride to her new
home she was already cuddling with Bobby while he drove.

However, Bobby wanted a dog he could raise from puppyhood, and
Kira was older than he had hoped, so his search continued. He found
his next pup, Harley, on Puppy Finder, but quickly realized that
something was amiss when he went to pick her up. Bobby was told
that Harley was from an unexpected litter after the owner had
decided to stop breeding their dogs, but one of the children in the
house let slip that a male pup from a previous litter was being
inbred with the mother for more pups.

“I started to see a pattern here. So many of these little
beautiful babies are being abused or taken advantage of and I just
couldn’t sit by and watch it happen. This is why I went back to
get Quinny the next day.”

The inbreeding caused the two pups, Harley and Quinn, who Bobby
calls “the twins,” to be very fragile. Though Bobby had been
doing good for these dogs and they comforted him, he was still
hurting. The birthday he had that year was particularly tough, and
to avoid looking at social media he decided to scroll through
Craigslist instead. That’s where he found Lucy – who happened
to be the same color and have the same name and his grandfather’s
MinPin from years before.

Lucy’s owner seemed desperate to rehome her. Bobby asked her
to hold on to Lucy for just a few days, but the owner insisted he
come that day – his birthday – because it was urgent. She even
offered to lower the rehoming fee. Bobby made a five hour drive to
meet the little dog and hear her story.

Lucy had been found wandering near a trailer park just a few
days before. When the woman found her she knocked on trailer doors
until she found Lucy’s previous owner, who told her, “I don’t
want that thing, I’m done with it!” From what she gathered from
the man, neighbors, and an emergency vet, Lucy had been a bait dog,
used to train fighting dogs to be more vicious. Lucy was covered in
teeth marks, had broken bones, was starved and terrified of people
and other dogs. Still, while Bobby was visiting, she crawled into
his lap, and he knew she was his.

During the ride home on a dark highway, she put Bobby’s
dedication to a real test. When he stopped for gas, she hopped out
of his car and ran. She sprinted down a busy, unlit highway, and
Bobby knew that oncoming traffic wouldn’t be able to see her
until it was too late.

“I am now in the second lane of traffic chasing her down a
dark highway at 9 o’clock at night. I knew there was literally no
way they could see me until last second, let alone a little 4 pound
black dog in the dark. I made the decision to stay in that lane in
hopes they’d see me since they’d barrel right over her without
seeing. I am thinking to myself, ‘oh god, this is it. I’m going
to die in the middle of a four lane highway.’ Luckily, I was able
to gain on her due to her prior injuries and run her down. When I
got within 5 feet of her she collapsed, curled up into a ball and
buried her head between her legs. It was at that moment I
understood what a bait dog was. I froze. The trailer went by
blaring it’s horn and the wind sheer about knocked me over.

“I was able to grab her and get her off the road and bring her
back to the car. I filled up my gas and left the station, but I had
to pull over as soon as the adrenaline stopped pumping. I sat there
literally cried for over five minutes. I held her so tight. The
only thing this poor girl knows is survival. She knows that if she
can get loose she must run for her life and when she can’t run
any longer she simply collapses and accepts her fate. I can imagine
the life she must’ve led.

“She made me realize just how sick and cruel humans could be.
She gave me a cause.

“I had at that point realized it felt better to save a dog
from a bad situation than find the perfect looking little dog.
That’s kind of how my pets spiraled out of control and to having
as many as seven or eight. Almost all of which came from bad
situations. It seemed like the right thing to do.”

Since then, Bobby has taken in several other dogs who hardly had
a chance. Georgie, who was in overall poor health and lost his eyes
due to neglect. Chi Chi, who came from abuse with heartworms and a
herniated disc in her neck. Nugget, who was born with deformed
front limbs and has difficulty getting around on her own. And many,
many more.

“We rescue Chihuahuas who are living horrible lives, abused,
starving, disabled, mental issues, etc. We give them either a
furever home with us where they will never have to experience
neglect or anything like that again, or we nurse them back to
health and adopt them out! We just want to help as many babies as
we can.”

Bobby’s big heart has room for every Chi in need, but rescue
is not without it’s challenges. Since word has gotten out about
Big Guy
Littles World Sanctuary
pleas for help have been pouring in.
His rescue is mostly self-funded from the jobs he takes doing
high-end custom flooring. However, with so many special needs dogs
requiring his time and care, he’s had less time to work on his

“The biggest challenge honestly has been financial.”

But money won’t stand between him and showing love to dogs who
have never had it before. Bobby currently has around 35 dogs in his
care but expects to have about 40 by next week. Some of the dogs
have since found happy homes elsewhere. Some have passed knowing
they were loved for at least a little while. Some will spend the
rest of their lives in Bobby’s care. There may not be any money
in it, but he says the return is even better.

“What’s the most rewarding part? That’s the simplest
answer yet. You’ve seen the videos. I have 34 current reasons
that make every bit of stress and hardship worth it. There’s not
a single one I can’t pick up and get the love and affection from
that doesn’t change my day for the better.”

You can help Bobby and his pack by clicking any of the following
links, or just by spreading the word about Big Guy Littles
World Sanctuary

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Heartbroken Man Who Was Saved By A Chihuahua Has Rescued Over 30 Tiny Dogs