Houston Pups Hit the Highway!

March 29, 2018
Helen Woodward Animal Center Welcomes the Arrival of More Orphan Pets from Hurricane Harvey Devastated Areas

Tomorrow, Helen Woodward Animal Center will welcome 52 orphan puppies, as they arrive from a miraculous multi-state road trip spearheaded by volunteers from Houston-based shelter partner – Operations Pets Alive!.  The west coast placement of these furry Texans is the result of ongoing efforts to alleviate the growing orphan pet problem exacerbated by major destruction caused by last year’s Hurricane Harvey.  The media is invited to greet the Houston orphan puppies (TOMORROW – MARCH 30TH @ NOON) as they arrive at the Center for the start of their happily-ever-afters.

 Operations Pets Alive! and Helen Woodward Animal Center cemented their bond last year when the Texas rescue group reached out for help during 2017’s devastating Hurricane Harvey.  Sixty-four stranded orphan dogs and cats, pulled by the Houston non-profit, all volunteer organization, were flown to Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe thanks to the help of Southwest Airlines.

 Although months have passed and the Houston area continues to work to rebuild, the overwhelming amount of wreckage left in the storm’s wake, coupled by less stringent Texas spay & neuter ordinances, have made the homeless-southern-puppy situation, more desperate than ever. 

 Answering the call of these pets in need, 38 orphan Houston puppies were flown to Helen Woodward Animal Center on March 3rd, on a flight piloted by Cloud 9 Rescue Flights.  Only weeks later, nearly all of these puppies have found their forever homes.

 The Operations Pets Alive! fosters and volunteers were so thrilled to hear about the puppies’ successful adoptions, a road trip was organized to get more puppies to the west coast sunshine and the land of happy endings.  This morning, 52 orphan puppies hit the Texas roads and are headed this way.  The puppies are scheduled to arrive at Helen Woodward Animal Center at 12:00noon.


Please join us TOMORROW: Friday, March 30th @ 12:00 noon to welcome 52 new furry Texan friends! 

Source: FS – Dogs – MDM
Houston Pups Hit the Highway!