Is it OK to share an ice-cream with your dog?

After a video of a woman feeding a cone to her pet went viral, other dog-owners were quick to point out that they share saliva with their dogs, too. But it isn’t always safe

A video of a woman offering her ice-cream cone to a black dachshund sprawled at her feet has gone viral. The setting is idyllic: a picnic blanket in a park on a hot day. After the dachshund has had its fill – 22 licks, according to the Daily Mail – the woman tucks her hair behind her ear and returns the cone to her own mouth.

“A lot of people do it. I have seen it at the seaside. But I wouldn’t,” says Sarah Wright, the editor of Your Dog magazine and owner of a norfolk terrier who “sticks his nose into everything; the smellier the better”. But is it really any worse to eat food your dog has licked than to let your dog lick your face? “That’s true,” she says. “My dog licks my face and I don’t mind that. It’s more of a hello lick,” she adds.

It’s up to an owner whether they want to share something with their dog, but they could end up with an upset stomach

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Source: theguardian
Is it OK to share an ice-cream with your dog?