Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand by Petmate

For the cat that loves to hunt, toys offer an abundance of fun, exercise, and interactive stimulation. Recently, Petmate sent us one of their Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wands to try out. I knew Roadside would probably like this toy because he's a big hunter. We also have one to give away to our readers so keep reading for the details.

The Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand comes with a detachable cat nip toy attachment. You can purchase other attachments for the wand to try out too. The adjustable telescoping wand reaches 32 inches. When you're done playing, just push it down to save space. The string that connects the toy attachment to the wand is thick and durable.

To play with the wand, simply extend it and drag the attached toy across the floor. The toy mimics the movements of ground-based prey.

Source: Pawsitively Pets
Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand by Petmate