LivanoPET's Future Vision: Catering America's Dogs in the Best Way Possible

March 21, 2019
LivanoPET products

Developed in Germany and USA-made, LivanoPET creates health
supplements for canines. Whether your dog struggles with stress and
anxiety, suffers from hip or joint pain, or you’re just looking for
an extra health boost for their skin, coat and joints, LivanoPET
creates a range of supplements your dog will love (they’re bacon
flavoured!). Their supplements are made without the use of animal
by-products, wheat, or artificial flavours and colours, making them
a great choice for the dog owner who is conscious about what they
feed their dog. We had the pleasure of speaking with the LivanoPET
team about their products and what makes them a great choice for
dog owners. 


What kind of goods/services does your organization offer
to pets/pet owners?

At LivanoPET, we believe that dogs are more than just pets; they
are part of the family. We’ve developed a line-up of healthy,
tasty supplements for dogs because we all deserve to be in the best
of health. Our products are aimed at providing the best of health
for dogs by tackling common canine health issues, in a selection of
tasty soft-chews. We are constantly researching to develop new
products that will keep your best friend in tip-top shape! We plan
to expand into dog food as well!Cute dog with LivanoPET product

What makes your organization unique? How do you stand
out in comparison to similar organizations?

We completely focus on our customers – on the product side
and service side. Customer satisfaction is priority number one. We
take advantage of new technologies and ingredients when creating
our quality products and supplements at LivanoPET. We are an FDA
registered organization, so no need to fret about the safety of our
products; you’re guaranteed safe, delicious, and healthy soft
chews for your dogs.

All of our products are produced and designed in a collaborative
effort with expert pet specialists in Germany, and manufactured in
the USA under the highest of production standards.

LivanoPET is a team built by pet lovers, and all our products
show that passion. We want to give our pets the absolute best of
care, and show them how much we love them.

What makes this organization a good choice for pet
owners? What benefits do they gain by engaging with your

Our love for all pets has driven us to create our products at
LivanoPET, but we feel we can do so much more. When you support us
by purchasing any of our products, a percentage of our profits are
donated to non-profits aimed at ensuring the best of welfare for
animals. This is our way of doing what we can for animals all over
the world, and by supporting us, you are supporting them.

What are the core values of your organization? How do they
influence your business practices (production quality, charitable
giving, etc)? 

Our core values all simply revolve around our passion for all
pets. Just like us humans, no dog should have to endure poor health
or pain. We all love our dogs and they love us too, so we want to
spend the longest time with them. We aim to ensure that there are
products available to keep your pet healthy and happy, and we make
sure that our products are as wholesome as possible.

Cute dog with LivanoPET product

These are the reasons we work with animal specialists in Germany
in designing our products and why we ensure that when we
manufacture our products in the United States, we do so under GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

This passion for these sweet animals is also why we donate a
percentage of our profits to support pet welfare organizations.

What’s the best way for pet owners to find out more
about your organization?

Our website,, contains a wealth
of information on LivanoPET, our products, our motivations and so
much more. Any inquiries or questions can be made through our email

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LivanoPET products

Source: FS – Dogs – MDM
LivanoPET's Future Vision: Catering America's Dogs in the Best Way Possible