Lucky Pup Survives Vicious Attack by Cowardly Bullies

Golden Retriever Bobby with sliced face

Trigger warning: a pup was harmed in this story. If you can’t
stand the thought of a dog in pain, skip to the end of this story
to see a thriving pooch. A Golden Retriever overcame the odds after
sick pranksters sliced the puppy’s mouth to look like The Joker
from the film Batman: The Dark Knight. 

The six-month-old dog, named Bobby, was left in dire straits.
Rescuers in South Korea found the dog with her mouth tied with rope
and wounds on her legs. Bobby was quickly transported to a
veterinarian for immediate emergency care.

Golden Retriever Bobby 7Image via Viral Press A
Staggering Find in Seoul

The images are almost too painful to consider. Bobby suffered
severe torture. She was so badly beaten that she could not eat or
drink. Bobby was left for dead in a wasteland in the capital city,
Seoul. Her condition was bad enough that she likely would not have
survived had she not been found and received immediate

The cruel thugs sliced the puppy’s mouth back on both sides to
look like the Batman villain, The Joker. Her right foot was broken,
and Bobby’s nails were smashed in. The young pup struggled to
walk. Many burns and infected wounds were found on her legs and

“The wound on her mouth was likely caused by a knife but it
could also have been a flame thrower. We don’t know why they
would do that,” a spokesperson from Bobby’s care team said.

Plainly, her condition was extremely precarious. Thankfully, the
good samaritans that found Bobby immediately took her to care.

Golden Retriever Bobby recoversImage via Viral Press The
Road to Recovery

When Bobby reached the medical providers, she immediately
underwent an operation and laser surgery to mitigate her numerous
injuries. The doctors placed a cast on Bobby’s right leg to help
heal the broken bone.

Despite the sickening treatment that she faced, Bobby showed a
dog’s immense resiliency. After her surgery she was found
hobbling around the veterinary clinic, tail wagging for her
caretakers. The torture did not cripple her spirit. Bobby’s
loving personality was not broken.

A South Korean animal welfare group named We Love Dogs raised
the money needed to pay for Bobby’s care. We Love Dogs will
provide for Bobby as she continues to mend from the results of her
awful ordeal.

“We were eager to treat Bobby. There were many traces of abuse
all over her body,” a We Love Dogs spokesperson said.

Although Bobby survived her harrowing ordeal and surgeries,
there is still a long way to go. “Even though she was strong
enough to heal from the many injuries and illness, she will need a
lot of support to be strong again,” the same spokesperson

Unfortunately, the authorities do not know who harmed Bobby.

Golden Retriever Bobby 4Image via Viral Press
Surviving and Thriving

Bobby overcame unthinkable cruelty. She battled for her life
and won. But the fight is not over for this strong and
sweet-natured dog. She continues to mend from what she endured.

We Love Dogs is watching over Bobby as she recovers from the
aftereffects of her surgeries. The spokesperson concluded, “The
puppy is very lucky to be alive, and we will make sure she is taken
care of.”

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Lucky Pup Survives Vicious Attack by Cowardly Bullies
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Lucky Pup Survives Vicious Attack by Cowardly Bullies