Make your own dog food? It’s not that barking

Worried about additives and allergens, or just want more control over your pet’s diet? Commercial foods are not the only option

Every morning when I get home from the school drop, the dog and I have a race to minesweep the children’s breakfasts. I am more intelligent and better informed than him, so I know who’s left half a croissant and who has just shoved a banana under their pillow, but he is much faster and more determined, so we end up about even. I’m just setting the baseline here for human foods that I will allow Romeo the dog to eat: pretty much anything. And a baseline for what he will eat: also pretty much anything, except raw fish, grapes and edamame beans.

When you cook for your dog, though, you have to get a bit more on it, with an eye on nutrition and balance. Cooking for your pet seems to be a growing trend among owners worried about additives in commercial dog food, or just wanting more control over their their animals’ diets. Whether or not it’s reflected in actual statistics will have to wait until the ONS understands counting this activity as its core business, but people are certainly talking about it a lot.

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Source: theguardian
Make your own dog food? It’s not that barking