My Gay Dog and Other Animals review – this hump-filled hour is a real slog

With lesbian pugs, gay greyhounds, rutting rams and more, there’s much mounting excitement, but little science and not much fun

A documentary about dogs and homosexuality, both of which are enjoyable topics of conversation, should be good, campy fun. I also enjoy ice-cream and curry, but it is better to keep some things separate. My Gay Dog and Other Animals (Channel 4) purports to be an examination of the science behind same-sex behaviour in the animal kingdom, but it is, essentially, the kind of segment that might have sustained 10 minutes on Eurotrash, stretched out over one long, hump-filled hour.

The Secret Life of the Zoo, which is a far lovelier, more informative and more compassionate show, knows that people are fascinated by animal reproduction. If it ever appears on Gogglebox, it is usually because an exotic creature is mounting another exotic creature and all the zookeepers are preternaturally excited about the preservation of the species. It is voyeurism, of course, but with a bit of education on top. My Gay Dog attempts to replicate the formula, but it does so with a lumpen approach, managing to be both silly and arid at the same time, while also putting this particular viewer in the odd position of feeling prudish about pets.

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Source: theguardian
My Gay Dog and Other Animals review – this hump-filled hour is a real slog