Now You Can Drink Wine AND Feed Shelter Dogs At The Same Time

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Love Dogs. Drink Wine.

What could be more relaxing than spending some quality with your
pup? Maybe adding a glass of wine and feeding shelter dogs. Great
news! iHeartsDogs is excited to announce our new partnership with
(pronounced wink). What’s Winc, you ask? It’s just quite
possibly the best way to enjoy a glass of wine without ever having
to leave home. Plus, with your Winc
order 25 meals will be donated to shelter dogs. Even better, Winc
is offering a special discount exclusively for iHeartDogs fans.

Here’s how it work:

Discover Your Bottles

Answer 6 simple questions to give Winc a better idea of what you
like. Your personal taste. They call it your Palate Profile™.

They Deliver

Winc delivers 4 wine bottles specifically for you and your
unique tastes.

Winc Customizes Your Wine Selections

Based upon your wine ratings, Winc
can make recommendations that suit you best.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Never pay for a bottle you don’t like. Skip a month. Cancel at
anytime. But could you really turn away a good bottle of wine?
It’s like not petting your pup when they put their head on your

believes that the experience of getting a great bottle of wine
should be as simple as enjoying one. Our team creates and curates
over a hundred wines, and makes the experience of exploring wine
easy and pleasurable—So you can spend more time enjoying the wine
in your glass.”  -Winc

Exclusive Offer – Big Savings & Feed 25 Shelter Dogs

As a special offer just for iHeartDogs fans, Winc
is offering a $26 discount on your wine order,
that is 4 bottles for the price of 2 and complimentary shipping!
And each order will feed 25 shelter dogs. So what are you waiting
for? Get on over to Winc
and get started

Don’t just take our word for it. See what other people are

“I really enjoy shopping online for wine at Winc. They give you
so much more information about each wine than you get at a liquor
store or grocery store, so it makes selection a lot easier, and
more FUN! Because I know so much more about the wines I’m buying,
I end up liking them almost all the time! Winc asks me questions
about what I like so they can make suggestions, which helps a lot
Google Review –  January 24, 2019
“Delivery is always fast and easy. Love how they give you
food pairings for some of the wines. Overall, a lot of fun and
I’m always excited to get that box once a month!”
Google Review –  January 18, 2019

“Woof. Woof. Grr-woof.”
Anonymous Furball

Here’s A Good Pairing

While you’re sampling your wine, here’s a great way to set
the mood.
Why not get comfy in one of our super soft tees
. Nothing says,
“I just want to drink wine and rescue dogs” like one of our
shirts that says…well, just that.

“Drink Wine &
Rescue Dogs” T-Shirt. Available in multiple colors and V-neck.
Each purchase feeds 8 hungry shelter pups.

Or maybe you’d prefer to sip chardonnay from one of our

shatterproof, silicone wine cups
. They’re soft, flexible and
unbreakable. Let’s just say they’re dog tail proof.

Each purchase feeds 5
shelter dogs. Check out all
our vino-friendly ideas
, pop a cork and relax with your best,
furry friend.

So if you love spending time with your pup, drinking wine and
feeding shelter dogs all at the same time, take
advantage of this exclusive, limited-time offer today
. Look at
it this way – you’re not only rescuing wine from the bottle,
you’re also rescuing dogs. Cheers to that!

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Now You Can Drink Wine AND Feed Shelter Dogs At The Same Time

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Now You Can Drink Wine AND Feed Shelter Dogs At The Same Time