Paw-sitive Results With Honest Paws

May 30, 2019

Here at Modern Dog, we are big supporters of CBD and all the
benefits it provides to our best friends. We’ve seen firsthand how
it can change lives and improve a dog’s quality of life. One
company who strives to improve lives through CBD is Honest Paws. We
chatted with the company owner and founder who shared with us the
story behind Honest Paws and their goals for helping pets and pet
owners alike.


passions, life events, or furry friends inspired you to start your

My relationship with my dog – like many others – is incredibly
special and important to me. When you see your dog as a member of
the family, you want to make sure that you go above and beyond for
them to give them the best life possible. When Baby Rose, my
12-year old Maltipoo, started having seizures, the vet told me I
should get her on meds. Unfortunately, he couldn’t guarantee it
would make the seizures go away. The only thing he could guarantee
was that my dog would be pretty lethargic as the meds had a
sedative effect. No thank you. I knew I had to find something
effective and accessible, without all the side effects. I started
looking for natural treatments and found CBD, which had no side
effects. I decided to try it and within a month, Baby Rose’s
seizures had stopped.

I was in shock. Not only because of the results but because the
majority of pet owners I told had never heard of it. I knew there
was an opportunity to spread the word of CBD! Despite terrible
side effects, people still use traditional medications for ailments
that CBD can improve. In my experience, this is because people are
unaware of all of the incredibly effective home remedies available
to them. This makes sense given that most vets don’t talk about
CBD due to legal limitations. I spoke with my brother Erik, a
former bomb tech turned entrepreneur, and we set up a plan with
ideas on how to build what is now Honest Paws. 

With that said, I believe Honest Paws is truly an effective
solution. Not to mention, we put a strong emphasis on educating our
consumer. In fact, you can learn about a myriad of holistic home
remedies on our blog.

does your work offer to pet owners? What are your goals for this

Honest Paws offers an opportunity for pet parents to maintain
their fur babies’ health and boost their everyday wellness. We
have a variety of unique products that cater to our client’s
unique needs. We offer tinctures in a variety of strengths,
depending on the size of the pet. We offer ailment specific treats
and chews. We even have CBD-infused peanut butter and coconut oil.
Our diverse product line allows customers to integrate CBD into
their pet’s life in a way that works best for them.

We strive to be a brand that customers can trust. We do this
through transparency. We are very involved in the manufacturing,
creation, distribution, and marketing of the products in order to
make sure they are the best of the best. We also offer a
Certificate of Analysis so customers know what their pet is
getting. Honest Paws aims to improve the lives of pets and their
pet parents so that they can enjoy a healthier, happier, and longer
life. We also offer opportunities for personal and professional
growth in a wide variety of fields.

What is your personal connection to pets, and what
effect does this have on your work? 

Baby Rose is my whole heart. I have had her since she was 8
weeks old and I can’t imagine life without her. I know what
it’s like to witness your dog in pain and feel so incredibly
helpless. I want to mitigate that feeling through holistic
wellness. These personal hardships and seeing my own dog suffer
from seizures inspired me to create a platform where I could inform
pet owners of different subjects including illnesses, medication,
and CBD, as well as provide them with a premium product they can

is your work a benefit to pets and pet owners? 

As the content manager, I make sure that the information
provided by Honest Paws answers all the questions that pet parents
might have for different situations. This benefits both pet owners
– by giving them some direction – and their pets – by providing
solutions to their ailments.

How can pet owners get in contact with you/find out more
about your work? 

You can
contact us
through our amazing customer service team on the
website. They are available to help pet owners with questions
regarding products. At Honest Paws, we’re all pet parents and
know how hard it can be worried about your pet’s health, so
we’re always happy to provide support!

What advice can you offer to other entrepreneurs looking
to get started in the pet industry? 

Education and research are key. Always be on top of what the new
trends are. Having a passionate team can benefit you in so many
ways because they grow alongside the brand and care for it as much
as you do. Be compassionate towards the people you are trying to
reach. Anybody can create a product, not everyone can create
relationships with the people they want to reach out to.


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Honest Paws

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Paw-sitive Results With Honest Paws