Potty Training Your Puppy the Easy Way

puppy potty training, potty training your puppy the easy way

Potty training your new puppy seems daunting, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

All it takes is some persistence and consistency to set your puppy up on the right paw.

If you are consistent, you can quickly move on to other training with your puppy!

After all, no one wants to waste a bunch of time potty training!

Potty Training Your Puppy is Essential!

About 80% of small dogs at shelters have potty training complications. Many of those end up euthanized.

And, this is a problem that is easy to solve, if you do it right from the beginning without letting it create a huge bad habit.

Because, bad habits are hard to break.

Just don’t let it happen!

That’s right…

Just Don’t Let It Happen

Tips to Make Puppy Potty Training Easy:

Potty training your puppy doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, here are several simple tips for you to follow to potty train your puppy quickly and easily.puppy potty training, potty training your puppy the easy way


Puppies need to go out at least every 2 hours, often more frequently!

Set an alarm on your phone, or on your watch, and take your puppy outside at least every 2 hours!

He will also need to go outside after naps, eating or drinking, or lots of exercise; so make that happen! Again, this may be every 2 hours, every hour, or even every 30 minutes. Pay attention to your puppy’s individual needs, and follow that schedule.


Don’t release him into the wild unknown.

Many times, puppies go outside and forget they have to go potty.

After all, the outside is new and ever changing!

There are bugs to chase and new smells to smell.

Being outside is like a wonderland of fun.

If you aren’t outside to monitor what he is doing, not only might he not potty, he might also find trouble in the form of eating rocks or putting things in his mouth that don’t belong, as well as possibly digging!

I don’t care if it is raining or is 50 degrees below zero; go outside with your puppy until he is fully potty trained and has been for over 3 months.

It is imperative to know when he poops and pees, so you can gauge when he is at more risk of having an accident.

One of my puppies, years ago, was very consistent about pooping 3 times a day; so if he didn’t, I knew it was time to crate him and try again in 15 minutes.

Ironically, because of my diligence, he was potty trained by 10 weeks old.


Puppies don’t need access to your whole house.

So often, people bring their puppy home and allow it to roam the whole house.

puppy potty training, potty training your puppy the easy wayHaving access to the whole house isn’t good for your puppy.

It is better to keep him in one room and monitor his activity in that space.

This way, you are containing his possible accidents, and you can begin to teach him not to jump on surfaces and not to grab items in that one room.

You can understand that it is easier to teach him about the rules of one space than to follow him around and try to teach him the rules of 6 rooms.

Also, the more space he has access to, the more options he has to have a potty accident and then get away from it.

Restricting his access to all areas will help him potty train and respect the rules of the space he is contained within.


I am a big proponent of leashing new dogs and puppies.

This is a skill I learned working with Service Dogs and Guide Dogs for people with disabilities.

One of the rules was to keep the dog on leash, in the house, with you for a period of time.

Nothing will help you teach and work with your new dog or puppy like having him on leash.

Leashes are like tethers.

You will feel when your puppy begins to dance at the end of the leash and this indicates he might have to go outside.

You also won’t let him steal or chew on items if he is easily contained.

I have always tethered my puppies to the sofa with a toy basket and at least 6 feet of space and from there it is easy to notice when they have to go outside and go potty!

I know, it isn’t easy to leash your puppy or tether him and drag him around with you, but, you will be grateful in a few weeks when he has learned impeccable manners and is totally potty trained because of your efforts.


If you can’t be with your puppy, crate him!

So many people think that crate training is cruel.puppy potty training, potty training your puppy the easy way

I, however, think that NOT CRATE TRAINING is cruel.

Not crate training sets your puppy up for accidents, chewing things he shouldn’t, swallowing things that will kill him, and other dangerous habits.

If you do it right, your puppy will love his crate!

My dogs, as adults, STILL choose to lay in their crates throughout the day!


The harsh truth is that puppy potty training is all about YOU!

The more consistent you are, and the more time you are willing to spend, the faster your puppy will grasp the concept.

I mean, we don’t expect our toddlers to potty train with no instruction and no accidents.

Puppies take almost as much time and every bit as much consistency!

Just promise yourself that your new puppy, your family, your home, and everything else is worth the brief amount of time (in perspective) that it will take to potty train your puppy successfully!

If you follow these rules, it won’t take long and it won’t be painful at all!

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Potty Training Your Puppy the Easy Way