Pudú Fawn Named After K-Pop Star

Pudu Baby Male JEP_7947

A male Southern Pudú fawn born on December 19 at the Los Angeles Zoo has been named
“Haechan” after a musician who, according to his fans, resembles
the tiny deer species.

A member of the K-Pop group NCT, Haechan (the musician) has for
many years been nicknamed “Pudú” by his fans. After the baby
Pudú’s birth last month, Los Angeles Zoo staff decided to hold a
Facebook fundraiser to gather support for the name. They exceeded
their fundraising goal within hours.

More than $2,700 was raised. The funds will support conservation
of endangered, vulnerable, threatened and near threatened species
such as the Pudú, whose wild populations are decreasing due to
habitat loss. 

Baby Pudu Haechan JEP_9100

Baby Pudu Haechan JEP_9100

Baby Pudu Haechan JEP_9100
Photo Credit: Jamie

Little Haechan (the Pudú) is thriving under the care of
first-time parents Steph and Mario. The tiny fawn prefers to stay
close to Steph and can sometimes be difficult for zoo guests to
locate. As he grows, Haechan will gain confidence and spend more
time away from mom.

You can read Haechan’s birth announcement on ZooBorns

Both species of Pudú – Northern and Southern – are native
to South America where they inhabit the dense undergrowth of
temperate rain forests. Little is known about their lifestyle
because they are so secretive. Pudú are the smallest species of
deer in the world, with the Northern Pudú being slightly larger
than the Southern Pudú. Fawns typically weigh less than three
pounds at birth.

Destruction of their rain forest habitat has resulted in both
Pudú species being under threat of extinction. Breeding programs
like those of the Los Angeles Zoo are critical to gaining
understanding of these elusive and endangered creatures.

See more photos of the Pudú fawn below.

Pudu Baby Male Haechan JEP_9082

Pudu Baby Male Haechan JEP_9082

Source: FS – Zoo Borns
Pudú Fawn Named After K-Pop Star