Register Your Service Or Emotional Support Dog in Three Easy Steps

May 17, 2019
USA Service Dogs

As dog owners, we know the immense support and comfort our dogs
provide us. However, in the lives of many, service and/or emotional
support dogs play a necessary role in the functioning of daily
life. Service dogs aid individuals with visual, mobile, and other
physical impairments by assisting with certain daily tasks, while
emotional support dogs play the role of lessening the impact of
general stress and anxiety or certain distressing situations (for
example, flying in an airplane).


The process of registering a therapy dog can often be confusing
and time consuming. USA Service Dogs makes registering for a
service or emotional support dog simple and stress-free. Register
your dog’s lifetime registration in three easy steps, with 24/7
phone support. We had the pleasure of speaking with members of the
USA Service Dogs team about what differentiates their organization
from others and how they are making a positive impact in the lives
of dogs and their owners.



What kind of goods/services does your organization offer to
pets/pet owners?


USA Service Dogs exists to help people who are in need of either
a service dog or an emotional support dog.


We know the impact these dogs can have on the lives of people
who need them, and we hate the thought of them missing out because
they don’t know if they qualify, don’t understand the laws
governing service dogs, or don’t know how to register their


Our mission is to provide much-needed education, as well as
guide people through the process of service dog and
emotional support dog registration
. In addition to an ID card
and certificate, our registration kit includes a variety of visible
recognition accessories such as vests, leashes, and collars. These
minimize the hassle involved in having a service or emotional
support dog come along to places that otherwise don’t allow


What makes your organization unique? How do you stand out in
USA Service Dogto similar organizations?


Although there are many service dog and emotional support dog
registries to choose from, we feel that we really have dog
owners’ best interests at heart. We say that for several


One, we make the registration process super simple. You can
register your dog in just a few minutes, get your printable ID
instantly, and receive your hard copy and accessories within days.
What a breeze!


Two, USA Service Dogs is the only reputable registry that
provides friendly support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—before,
during, and after registration. We’re always there to answer
questions, help you adjust to life with your new service or
emotional support dog, and help you navigate complications that may
arise with business owners, landlords, and others who aren’t
aware of the laws.


Three, unlike many other registries that require annual renewal,
we don’t require renewal or charge any extra fees. We provide
lifetime registration, which also means lifetime support!


As a result, we’ve become one of the highest rated and most
respected registries, with more than 100,000 dogs registered and
more than 14,000 5-star reviews with an average satisfaction rating
of 4.8 out of 5.0.


What makes this organization a good choice for pet owners?
What benefits do they gain by engaging with your


Dog owners come to us because, ultimately, they want to improve
their quality of life. That’s true whether they have a mobility
condition that requires a service dog or an anxiety disorder that
warrants an emotional support dog.


In either case, our priority is the same as theirs: we want to
improve their quality of life and maximize the benefits they can
gain from having a service dog or emotional support dog.


What are the core values of your organization? How do they
influence your business practices (production quality, charitable
giving, etc.)?


We place a high value on customer experience. That’s why our
customer support team is always available to patiently answer any
and all questions and to guide dog owners before, during, and after

USA Service Dogs badge

Another one of our core values is quality. Some registries
provide lower-quality dog vests and accessories with shorter
lifespans to take advantage of the higher profit margins. We do the
opposite, providing higher quality products that will last our dog
owners the longest. After all, it’s all about doing what’s best
for them!


Additionally, we’re proud to donate a portion of our proceeds
to Paws
for Veterans
, which rescues dogs from shelters and unites them
with war veterans suffering from PTSD, and to Guiding Eyes for the Blind, an
organization that trains seeing-eye service dogs for the blind.



What’s the best way for pet owners to find out more about
your organization?


Our website,, contains a
wealth of information and resources about getting and registering a
service dog or emotional support dog. We’re also available 24/7
by phone at (888) 656-DOGS (3647) to answer any questions you may
have about the laws, the service
dog registration
or emotional support dog registration process,
or living with your dog day to day.

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USA Service Dogs

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Register Your Service Or Emotional Support Dog in Three Easy Steps