Service Dog Bids Farewell To Bush 41

Sully will move on to different work

The image of
George Herbert Walker Bush’s service dog Sully in front of the
flag-draped casket of the 41st President of the United States

has been shared widely. It was originally tweeted by Jim McGrath,
the spokesperson of the Bush family, as the nation says good-bye to
the man who served his country for so many of his 94 years. Nothing
humanizes a famous man more than a reminder of the great love
between him and his dog.

Sully joined President Bush as his service dog earlier this year
after the death of his beloved wife, Barbara. Due to physical
difficulties associated with a form of Parkinson’s disease, Bush
had various physical challenges. Sully helped by doing things for
him such as opening doors, picking things up and seeking help.

Source: FS – Dogs – TBM
Service Dog Bids Farewell To Bush 41