In Their Voices

The couch I lucked into is a camel back, with three cushions. I
spend a lot of time on it beneath a blanket. This is the fifth
house I’ve called home. I am pretty high energy. I usually careen
about the yard after our 40 to 45 minute walk. I love it when she
follows me to our back yard to share my joy. I love to run with
abandon, put on a little speed here, a lot of speed off the hill,
and launch with a little skip catapulting off the raised stepping
stone. She thinks I’m funny. I watch her laugh at me as I cut
close to her legs, or look googlie as I skip past her.

In the evenings she’ll ask me if I’d share the couch with
her. She plops down on one end and swings up her legs. Reluctantly,
I make way for the landing big bottom that is about to crush me.
The threat is real and trying to extract myself from under it is a
daunting task.

Source: FS – Dogs – TBM