Social Media Army And CCTV Help Reunite Stolen Dog With Family

Blake is a 6 year old male Shih Tau Bichon mix who lives with
the utter adoration and love of his family in Glasgow, Scotland.
Dog mama Kirsteen Marshall and her daughter Tess have shared their
home, bed, time, and hearts with Blake since he was a tiny pup.

Recently, Blake accompanied his mom to a shop in the Gorbals
area of Glasgow. While she was inside, Blake was stolen. What
unfolded over the next 48 hours is a testament to what can be
accomplished when the police, community members, and social media
comes through in full force.

told the thief on Facebook
,”Wrong dog, wrong community, wrong
city. We did this the old school way and it worked.”

As soon as Kirsteen could, she turned to social media imploring
that everyone help spread the word. Her beloved dog was stolen, and
she needed a social media army to help. Over 5k people answered the
call, sharing Kirsteen’s post.

Blake’s Army was launched.

At the 12-hour mark, Kirsteen posted a video of Blake and
Kirsteen’s daughter playing a high-five game. In the post she
said that Tess was absolutely broken without Blake. She offered a
£5,000 (approx. $6,325USD) reward for his safe return.

Kirsteen started by hitting the street where Blake had gone
missing, asking shops to share their CCTV footage. She was working
closely with the police, knocking on doors and asking questions. As
she put it, she was doing this “old school.” She also posted an
appeal directly to the thief, telling him she did not wish to
prosecute, she just wanted Blake home.

The following day, the big break in the case happened. They managed
to obtain CCTV footage of the thief carrying Blake away from the
scene. Of course, Kirsteen posted still photos and the full video
footage of the thief walking away carrying little Blake in his
arms. The photo of the thief and Blake was shared 10k times. The
footage was also published in a story by the
Daily Record UK

Blake’s Army was in full effect!

The investigation continued and got another big breakthrough.
Kirsteen said on Facebook that she could confirm that “the thief
walked right passed my own home with Blake in his arms and passed
the high flats that sit on Caledonia Rd, Gorbals. He may have then
got on a number 7 bus heading to Govanhill and Possil (still
awaiting CCTV from bus).” The search was narrowing and it seems,
the thief was losing his nerve as police closed in. She told BBC

“We spent a lot of time out in the street speaking to people
and asking for CCTV. Every message we got meant that we were
pointed in a certain direction and we could eliminate other things.
We pieced the puzzle together and knew he was in Possil and we were
closing in. Then out of the blue, I got a message saying: ‘I have
your dog’.”

At 2 AM, police recovered Blake from a house in Possil. And the
family could not have been happier to be reunited.

When a community comes together, there is nothing that cannot be
accomplished! We are so relieved that Blake was returned home.
It’s not yet clear if any charges will be filed.

Featured Image Kirsteen Marshall


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Social Media Army And CCTV Help Reunite Stolen Dog With Family

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Social Media Army And CCTV Help Reunite Stolen Dog With Family