Tesla Announces First Safety Feature Meant For Your Dog

Good news, dog lovers! Your love for your dog is changing the
world for the better. Accommodating pets is no longer limited to
pet stores and parks. Restaurants, shops, and other businesses big
and small are realizing that making it easier to take your dog
everywhere is the key to our hearts – and wallets!

Tesla has announced that it’s Model S, Model X, and Model 3
vehicles will come equipped with a feature called “dog mode,”
which will allow pets to stay comfortable while their humans run

This genius idea (and the name) came from a Twitter user who
tweeted to Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder, last October. The
conversation was simple:


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)
October 20, 2018

Without discussing what exactly “dog mode” meant with the
Twitter user, Tesla came up with a way to keep dogs safe inside
their cars while their owners were out. This doesn’t mean that
owners should keep their dogs in their cars for hours alone, but if
you and your dog are on your way home from a trip to the park and
you realize you need cereal at home, you can make a quick stop
without worrying that your dog will overheat or put the car into
drive because you wanted to leave the A/C on for him. A message
reading “Don’t worry! The (A/C -or- heater) is on and it’s
(comfortable temperature.)” will be displayed on the Tesla’s
screen for anyone who happens to peek inside.

All Tesla drivers will need to do to activate the car’s dog
mode is touch an icon – easy. Should the car’s charge reach
less 20%, you’ll receive a notification letting you know that
it’s time to get back to your vehicle.

In the summer months we hear far too many stories about dogs
left in hot cars. Some states have passed laws protecting Good
Samaritans who see pets in distress and come to their rescue, but
people often have to risk legal action for protecting the life of a
someone else’s pet. Tesla’s dog mode could save a lot more than
just broken windows, it could save the lives of pets.

It could also save you from embarrassing public shaming
situations like
this one


Tesla has made other improvements to it’s vehicles after
receiving feedback from users, but this is the first that is
designed just for the safety and comfort of our pets, and we love

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Tesla Announces First Safety Feature Meant For Your Dog

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Tesla Announces First Safety Feature Meant For Your Dog