The Top 10 Dog Names Of 2018

most popular dog names

The numbers are in, and Rover has officially released
their list of this year’s most popular dog names. Gone are the
days of Fido and Fluffy. 2018 saw some big changes in what pup
parents are naming their doggos.

Rover researchers delved into registration records and talked to
dog owners to find out exactly what inspires some of the most
dog names

As it turns out, this year’s list of names is a good
reflection of the past year as a whole. There are celebrities,
movie characters, brunch foods, and real-life royalty; all names
deemed worthy enough for the cutest members of the family.

most popular dog names

One of the biggest trends Rover uncovered is a renewed love for
retro. Names previously thought of as “old-fashioned” are up
17% from last year, just like they are with human children.
There’s Minnie, Pearl, Willie, and Fred taking over this year,
and Rover expects names including Irene, Edna, and Myrtle to make a
stand by 2019.

You’ll also find many of the top dog names are pulling double
duty as this year’s top baby names. Pet parents love their dogs
so much, they’re giving them names like Stella, Bella, and
Oliver. There are exceptions, however. You won’t find many babies
named after a love of food and drink. Food
related names
like Muffin, Whiskey, and Waffles are up 12% from
last year, and food names now make up a full 5% of all dog names.
Couscous, Crisco, and Cheetos are expected to move up in the list
next year.

most popular dog names

Besides food, dog people love naming their pets after their
favorite celebrities. This year, the name Cardi (as in Cardi B)
rose an impressive 100%. Gambino (Childish Gambino) rose 190%,
Harry (Prince Harry) is up 133%, and Meghan (newly crowned Duchess
of Sussex Meghan Markle), saw a 129% increase.

Over in the fictional
, the name Nakia from “Black Panther” and Drax from
“Guardians of the Galaxy” saw big jumps in popularity. Even
video games got some of the love this year with names from Fortnite
including Zoey, Lucky, and Rex up an average 16%. There’s also a
big group of pup parents celebrating the 20th anniversary of the
Harry Potter series. Draco, Albus, and an all-time favorite, Albus
Dumbledog, are all way up this year.

most popular dog names

Rover looked at hundreds of dog names for boys and girls, but
there are 10 that simply can’t be beat. Most of these names
consistently make the top 10, proving dog people know what they
like, and they’re sticking to it. Here you go, the top dog names
of 2018.

Top 10 Male Dog Names

10. Oliver

9. Tucker

8. Bear

7. Duke

6. Rocky

5. Jack

4. Buddy

3. Cooper

2. Charlie

1. Max

Top 10 Female Dog Names

10. Stella (new for 2018!)

9. Maggie

8. Bailey

7. Molly

6. Sadie

5. Lola

4. Daisy

3. Luna

2. Lucy

1. Bella

Did your pup’s name make it to the top? Check out Rover for the
full list of 100 most popular dog names.

h/t: Rover

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