The Top 5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

December 5, 2018
Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

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CBD oil is a supplement that can help out dogs when they need a
boost. It is truly an amazing breakthrough in dog health science
that allows dogs to experience the benefits of medical marijuana
in an all natural way that is safe for a dog’s consumption. Now
let’s dive into the top five benefits of introducing CBD into
your dog’s life.

Alleviates Arthritis Pain

CBD oil helping arthritis pain in dogs allowing it to run

Dogs are susceptible to arthritis and many dogs can get to the
point where walking is an immense struggle. Arthritis is
often associated with the breaking down of joint tissue and the
swelling of those areas. It is also a cycle that makes dogs move
less creating stiffer joints that in turn cause more pain once they
try to move. CBD is not only an anti-inflammatory but can help
fight the pain your dog may be experiencing allowing them to work
the joints looser. This means your dog will be able to move around
and get their blood flow back to normal without any pain. 


Almost all dogs will suffer from joint pain. CBD is just one
part of a multimodal treatment approach. We also would suggest
grabbing some glucosamine for dogs as well as getting a top quality
orthopedic dog bed. When you take a multimodal approach like this
you can see significant long-term results in the quality of life of
your animal.

Helps Seizure Sufferers

Another less common but just as troubling problem that dogs may
face is seizures, which can be an extremely scary ordeal for pups
and owners alike. CBD has been known to reduce both the severity of
seizures as well as the amount of seizures users experience. So
what does this mean? Well, your furry friend will not only have
fewer seizures but the ones they do still experience will most
likely be shorter and milder than before. CBD is also a naturally
occurring compound derived and extracted from the hemp
plant; because of this, it is a great alternative to the
medications often associated with seizures which may come with
harsher side effects. 

Reduces Anxiety

Dog anxiety being reduced by CBD oil allowing it to restDogs
experience a wide array of emotions from happiness to boredom, and
one emotion in particular that can be a pain for dogs is anxiety.
When dogs get anxiety they can struggle to understand why they feel
this way, and this only makes the situation worse. Things like
fireworks, large crowds, other dogs, owners leaving for the day,
and even a change in the furniture of the house can all cause a dog
to experience increased levels of stress in their daily lives. One
thing that can help them is CBD, as it has the ability to
trigger receptors in the brain that help release a chemical in the
body which creates a calming feeling. Weighted blankets for dogs can also
help comfort and soothe, which can be another great option for
anxiety stricken dogs.

Increases and regulates appetite

CBD oil aids dogs who don't want to eat getting them the nutrients they need.

Some dogs go through periods when they are sick or hurting and
this leads them to lose
their appetite
, but eating is incredibly important, especially
during these times when dogs need to keep their strength up. Dogs
need a well-balanced diet and by not eating they can have increased
problems. CBD is also great for dogs who are known to pick around
their food and not get their entire recommended levels of
nutrients. A great product my dog loves is CBD infused Coconut oil
by Natural Doggie. This oil really helps with dog allergies and
itching, and is also great at regulating the digestive system. CBD
plus Coconut oil will make sure your dog is not only eating what
they need to but will also make sure your dog’s food is getting
through the body like it is meant to. Also, the high-fat content of
coconut oil can really help keep weight on your dog if he or she is
ailing. We love this brand, and Natural Doggie also carries a top
quality Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for dogs that helps with immune and
skin health. Since it is super high in omega-3s it can also help
keep your dog’s mind sharp as they age. You can find the best
salmon oil for dogs on


Does CBD Cure Cancer? 

There are a lot of bold claims out there. Let’s be clear
that CBD oil
for dogs
 is not a scientifically substantiated way to cure
cancer but rather can can help alleviate the symptoms that cancer
can cause. This is a misconception that many people have but in no
way does that take away from the ways CBD helps cancer patients.
CBD is a great pain reducer as well as a way to help your furry
friends relax in their cancer-driven anxiety attacks. Along with
this CBD has been alleged to reduce bad cell growth associated with
cancerous tumors. This is a huge step towards helping out dogs
suffering from cancer, as tumors can be a tricky thing to deal


CBD has many more benefits associated with it and these are only
five that we decided were incredibly important to dogs everywhere.
CBD is truly an amazing product to give to any dog and has some
amazing health benefits. As with anything you introduce to your
dog’s diet make sure to contact your veterinarian to make sure CBD
is a good choice for your dog. If you want to learn more about CBD
check out our ultimate
 that goes into a little more detail and check us out


Grant Withers

I am a writer for, your working dog
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animals and especially dogs! I love writing about these furry
little goofballs and hope to educate pet parents about anything and
everything regarding their dogs.





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Benefits of CBD oil for dogs
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CBD oil is a supplement that can help out dogs in many
different situations during which they need a boost. It is truly an
amazing breakthrough in dog health science that allows dogs to
experience the benefits of medical marijuana in an all natural way
that is safe for a dog’s consumption. Now let’s dive into the top
five benefits of introducing CBD into your dog’s life.

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The Top 5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs