They want a wolf-free Denmark. Will migrants be next? | Dorthe Nors

The recent shooting of an animal has shocked many Danes. But where I live, the pack mentality is on the rise

A wolf was killed last month, not far from where I live. Some years ago I moved from Copenhagen back to west Jutland, on Denmark’s North Sea coast. I settled where my grandmother comes from, among hardy Jutlanders in the beautiful, desolate countryside not far from the village of Ulfborg. The wolf showed up around that same time. Once wolves had given Ulfborg – literally “Wolf Castle” – its name, but they had long disappeared. The last Danish wolf – before their recent return – had been shot in 1813, and the species was not welcomed back: farmers worried about their animals, parents about their kids, and politicians about their votes.

Experts sent out to observe Denmark’s new wolves and reassure the population that these animals pose no danger to people have a tough time getting their message across. Fear quickly gathers pace on social media. People share fake stories about wolves and start seeing them everywhere. Facts give way to emotions.

They say it’s the EU’s fault that the wolf even arrived – and also the EU that says we can’t shoot it

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Source: The Guardian
They want a wolf-free Denmark. Will migrants be next? | Dorthe Nors