Tiny Pup Narrowly Escapes Death Thanks to Four-Legged Hero

Have you ever felt like someone was looking out for you? Well,
for a Canadian family with 3 beautiful dogs…someone was
definitely looking out for them. Their border collie to be exact. A
series of very unfortunate events almost ended in tragedy. Spoiler
alert: in this movie…the dog lives!

The day started out with a simple game of fetch. What could be
more fun for 3 dogs than playing with a stick in the snow. As the
man playing with the dogs leaves, the dogs seem to follow. Another
great day.

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But as the man’s wife begins to leave, a small Chihuahua pup
runs across the driveway looking for her friends. The woman has no
idea she’s backing up right into the path of the dog due to its
small size. It doesn’t look good for the tiny pup. But, wait,
what’s that blur?

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Someone was looking out for the Chihuahua. Just in time, a
border collie comes from nowhere and grabs the Chihuahua, pulling
it from danger.

Source: Jukin via Youtube

The woman, realizing what has just happened, stops the car and
grabs hold of the tiny Chihuahua. She is in shock, thinking about
what could have been.

Source: Jukin via Youtube

Her attention quickly turns to the hero of our story. She hugs
him tightly, still shaken, but full of joy for the tragedy that was

Source: Jukin via Youtube

Dogs love and look out for us…and each other. What could have
been tragic ends as a heartwarming story!

Watch the action unfold in this heroic video!

Can we get some love for this border collie? We love dogs!
Let’s hear it for this hero.

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Tiny Pup Narrowly Escapes Death Thanks to Four-Legged Hero

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Tiny Pup Narrowly Escapes Death Thanks to Four-Legged Hero