UPDATE: Luke Bryan Adopts Senior Shelter Dog


We are so sad to have heard the news, but Poochie, the dog that
was recently rescued by Luke Bryan and family has taken his final
walk across the Rainbow Bridge. His final days were spent on the
Bryan’s farm. No doubt enjoying the love of family and exploring
the Bryan’s farm. Luke’s wife, Caroline, posted the sad news on
Instagram this morning. We imagine Poochie enjoyed some of the
happiest days of his life, and we’re so thankful for all those
who open their arms to all dogs, giving them a loving, forever

My heart is sad but full to post this..our sweet Prince Poochie
has passed away. He lived 18 years and was loved by so many people.
My kids especially loved to hear him snore when he slept! -Caroline

Seniors have it hard in shelters. The chances of finding a home
aren’t good for older dogs. At some facilities, it’s the end of
the road, but not at Proverbs 12:10 Animal

Proverbs 12:10 is named for the biblical verse stating, “The
righteous care for the needs of their animals.” They are
dedicated to giving a second chance to pets in shelters where they
are at risk for euthanasia. They don’t hesitate to take in those
who are sick, old, or just need a second chance.

Poochie was already an old boy, 18 years old, when his family
surrendered him to a shelter. Proverbs 12:10 found him and took him
to safety with their rescue. They didn’t expect to find him a
family at his advanced age, and instead placed him with a forever
foster who could give him love and friendship for whatever time he
had left.

The rescue posted photos of Poochie and his foster on their
Facebook page, and his sweet grey muzzle caught the attention of
someone who wanted to make him a part of their family. Imagine the
rescue’s surprise when that person turned out to be Luke Bryan
and his wife, Caroline! The couple sent in an application complete
with references, and were chosen as Poochie’s new forever

“We are so thrilled for Poochie and know he is in great hands.
Caroline Bryan has graciously given us updates on our sweet boy.
Their adopting this sweet old guy will allow us the chance to save
yet another.”

From rescue to riches! This senior Cinderella will be spending
the rest of his years living the high life with his new family! And
it is a BIG family!

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A post shared by Caroline Bryan (@linabryan3)
on Dec 25, 2018
at 6:29pm PST

Poochie has lots of new friends, so he’ll never be lonely. The
couple live with their children on a farm in Tennessee along with
several other animals, including other dogs to play and nap

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Luke Bryan Adopts Senior Shelter Dog
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UPDATE: Luke Bryan Adopts Senior Shelter Dog