Veteran Gained The Support Of A “Doggie Buddy” Thanks To Our Customers!

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible. 

The Cape Fear Chapter of Pets for Vets was proud to match Gunner with his new Veteran Dad, Fidel. Fidel served in the Marines attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. He is also a combat Veteran, having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Fidel is married with two young children and lives in a wonderful family and pet-friendly community.

“He submitted an application to Pets for Vets in the hopes that a doggie battle buddy would help him deal with the effects of having been in combat.” – Cape Fear Chapter, Pets for Vets

After quite a lot of intense searching, the Cape Fear Chapter was able to locate Gunner. Gunner is a smart chocolate Lab with a lot of love and a strong drive to learn. He is very motivated, and the Pets for Vets trainer has maintained Gunner was a star during his training phase.

Image Source: Pets For Vets Cape Fear via FB

Gunner did not disappoint on match day. He went straight to Fidel and gave him dozens of kisses and rolled over for belly rubs!

Image Source: Pets For Vets Cape Fear

After a few minutes, Gunner met the rest of the family and had a chance to explore his new forever home. The match was indeed perfect. Fidel looks forward to the bright days ahead with his new doggie battle buddy!

Image Source: Pets For Vets Cape Fear via FB

We thank Fidel for his service to our great nation and for allowing us to share his story!

Pets for Vets Cape Fear is just one of the many groups that benefit from Greater Good’s Pets & Vets program. Every time you make a purchase from the iHeartDogs shop, you’re helping fund charitable projects, including this one!

20% of Sales Are Donated To Help Pair Veterans with Shelter or Service Dogs
Source: FS – Dogs – iHD
Veteran Gained The Support Of A “Doggie Buddy” Thanks To Our Customers!