Vice-president Mike Pence disappears down the rabbit hole

Fur is flying in Washington in a literary battle that pits Pence’s pet in one corner, and a John Oliver-endorsed satirical contender in the other

The nicest thing anyone can say about US vice-president Mike Pence – a man who vigorously opposed marriage equality and looks like an Action Man assembled from Play-Doh and cold cuts – is that he knows how to name a pet.

Marlon Bundo is not only the first Botus (Bunny of the United States), but may be the first rabbit to: a) ride in Air Force Two; b) hold an official Instagram account that documents his every bemused lollop across a seemingly endless collection of Persian rugs; and c) have an unofficial Twitter account that reveals a much harder edge. “This is Harley after being swamped by a wave of liberal tears,” Bundo crowed in November, posting a photo of the Pences’ dog looking slightly damp. Now Marlon is also the first rabbit to inspire a political war via picture books.

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Source: theguardian
Vice-president Mike Pence disappears down the rabbit hole