Wanted, cat whisperer: the job ad that went viral

When a cat-loving couple advertised for someone to look after 70 strays on a Greek island, they were deluged with CVs. Britt Collins reports on what happened next

How’s this for a job description? Location: a small Greek island paradise in a nature reserve on Syros, with views of the Aegean. Own home. Job: to look after 70+ cats for four hours a day. Ideal candidate: “a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover” who enjoys tranquillity, nature and their own company. Desired skills: cat-whispering, feline psychology, veterinary experience. Driving licence. Remuneration: modest, but includes the chance to live a meaningful life.

It’s been inspiring, sobering and quite distressing ​at times ​to read people’s reasons for applying for the job

We’ve made a positive difference in the community and now you rarely ​ever ​see distressed cats on Syros

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Source: theguardian
Wanted, cat whisperer: the job ad that went viral