What you Need to Know About CBD Oil for Dog Seizures

April 25, 2019
King Kanine CBD Oil

Among its many benefits, CBD oil has shown a powerful ability to

help control seizures
. But, before you run out to buy a bottle,
there are a few things you should know about CBD oil for


What Is Hemp Derived CBD?

King Kanine CBD OilCBD,
the abbreviated term for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound
derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabis is usually made into two
types of hemp: industrial hemp and medicinal hemp. CBD oil is
derived from medicinal hemp and has no psychoactive properties,
unlike THC, which is also derived from cannabis. CBD has a unique
chemical structure that gives it the ability to impact the immune
system, nervous system, and brain.


Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Since CBD is a non-toxic, all natural product, it’s entirely
safe to give to your pets. Also, unlike many common seizure
medications, it has no detrimental side effects. There’s also no
risk of your dog getting “high” because CBD oil for dogs is
formulated without most, if not all, of the THC found in hemp.


What Are the Signs of Seizures in Dogs?

According to WebMD’s
guide to dog seizures, dogs tend to look dazed, seem unsteady, or
stare off into space before a seizure occurs. If you notice that
your dog is exhibiting any of the following behaviors, they may be
having a seizure:


Muscle Malfunction: This includes collapsing,
jerking, stiffening, and muscle twitching.

Loss of Control: The dog may experience loss of
consciousness and falling to the side while making a paddling
motion with their legs. They may also uncontrollably urinate or
defecate during the seizure.

Mouth Dysfunction: A seizing dog may be
excessively drooling, chomping, chewing on their own tongue, or
foaming at the mouth.


After the seizure, the dog may seem disoriented and wobbly. They
sometimes become temporarily blind, walk in circles, bump into
things, or try to hide.


How Can CBD for Dog Seizures Help?

Several studies have shown the profound effects that CBD can
have on dog seizures. One study
suggests a connection between seizures and an altered
endocannabinoid system, with further
showing that CBD oil for dogs can improve seizure
control in patients with epilepsy disorders by binding to those
has shown through clinical trials an 84% decrease in
seizures among all breeds with proper CBD dosing.


How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog for

The amount of CBD that you give your dog depends entirely on
what form you’re giving them and their size. While CBD
are a good option to promote overall wellness in your
pet, seizure treatment benefits more from the stronger oil. Smaller
dogs will require lower doses, while larger dogs will need much
more to see the effects. It’s always best to check the
product’s label to see what the recommended dosage is.


King Kanine CBD OilCBD
oil for pets often comes in bottles of different milliliter amounts
and is infused with omega-3 rich krill oil.

Smaller sized pets 20 pounds and under should be using a

75mg bottle.

Medium sized pets from 21 pounds to 50 pounds should be using a

150mg bottle

Large sized pets over 50 pounds should be using a
300mg bottle.


Where Can I Purchase CBD for Pet Seizures?

In today’s market, countless companies are selling CBD
products for pets. It may be tempting to go for the cheapest
options out there, but realize that the lower cost usually means a
lesser quality oil. Before you buy CBD products to help control
your pet’s seizures, be sure to keep a few key things in


Find out how the hemp is grown. The seller
you’re buying from should specify that their hemp is organic and
grown in a low pollution environment without heat extraction

Research their reputation. It’s always a good
idea to look into the company you’re buying from to assure that
they’re reputable and that their products are strong enough to be

Check for certification. Make sure that the
seller you’re buying from can provide an independent lab testing
with a certificate of analysis. This should show that there is a
sufficient amount of CBD and that there is little to no THC in the

Consider wholesale CBD oil for pets. If
you’ve tested out CBD oil on your pet and have come to the
conclusion that you want to continue using it for a long time, it
may be best to buy it in bulk to save money. There are many
distributors of wholesale CBD oil for pets out there, so do your
research into which works best for you.



CBD as a treatment for dog seizures has shown great promise in both
medical research and practice. This non-toxic, all natural solution
has been thoroughly researched, with many studies suggesting that
it may be as effective, if not more, than traditional seizure
medications without any of the unfortunate side effects. However,
it’s always best to talk with your dog’s vet before replacing
their seizure medication with CBD to make sure it’s right for

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What you Need to Know About CBD Oil for Dog Seizures