What Your Dog Need Daily, But is Wildly Ignored by Everyone

I’ll admit it, I’m dating. However, I will lie and deny it so that my brother doesn’t find out.

I am pretty sure he wants me to die alone in a bus full of cats.

And, I know I digress… but I am trying to emphasize a point.

I have 3 jobs, he works 2.

I take spending time with my dogs fairly seriously, and he has a son who means the world to him.

I work days, he works nights. We live an hour away from each other.

I stay up late to chat, and we make time every week or two to see each other in person, but it isn’t easy.

Life is Busy

We live in a world full of high-speed internet and things that push and pull us in all directions.

50 years ago, everything moved so much slower and one job was enough to suffice.

Now I can barely make half of my rent working 3 jobs.

Our lives have become much busier than decades ago.

As a result, we have to choose who, and what, deserves our time.

But, I am just afraid our dogs are being left behind.

dog training, puppy trainingYes, I want to make time for my new friend.

But, my dogs are also important to me.

I am certainly not going to crate or leave my dogs while I am at work, and then for another 2 to 3 hours while I go out to socialize.

But, I am a dog trainer and a vet tech. So this is always on my mind.

I don’t think as many people feel the same as I do.

Most People Just Don’t Make Time For Their Dogs

Unfortunately, I think dogs have become like designer hand purses… really expensive and status symbols, but something that only comes out every once and awhile.

My dogs are my best friends.

Men, women, and other friends will come and go, but my dogs (and my cat) are my best friends for life.

They require my time and effort.

If I want to continue this very difficult new dating relationship, I need to make time to respond to text messages, check in, and see each other occasionally.

Similarly, if I want a well-behaved dog, I need to make sure I am spending time with my furry friend, too!

Not Latent Time

And not just “dormant” or “inactive” time.

Your dog isn’t learning about manners, rules, and how to control himself if he is just sitting on your lap while you watch TV or play on social media.

Dogs require time and training.

Don’t Worry, He Wants Training!

I recently wrote an article describing the difference in the average house dog and the average working dog.

House dogs sleep all day and suffer from many behavior problems.  I have often referred to them as “zombie” dogs, because we expect them to have good behaviors and lead happy lives without really paying any attention to them.

dog training, puppy trainingWorking dogs are happy and often live long fulfilled lives because they feel like they have a purpose.

Even though we don’t “need” our pets to work for us, we can make them feel like they have a purpose if we provide them with some simple training and a few rules that will make both of our lives better!

Wouldn’t you rather be able to have a dog that walks calmly and enjoy your time together instead of dreading those walks?

An Hour a Day is All You Need

Spend just an hour a day with him!

Break it up into 10-minute sessions throughout the day (that is only six sessions)!

Get a book of dog tricks and games and teach him a new trick at least once a week.

Work on his obedience.

Only reward him if his obedience is fast enough (this is a fun game).

Spend time going for a short walk and putting his new skills to the test.

But above all, just spend some time with him!

All good relationships take a little bit of time and effort!

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Source: FS – TheDogTrainingSecret
What Your Dog Need Daily, But is Wildly Ignored by Everyone