Why the obsession with ‘calling it out’? | Brief letters

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The House of Commons is celebrating the centenary of the Representation of the People Act 1918 as I write, and discussing the abuse of politicians, naturally. Almost unanimously they describe discussion of this activity as “calling it out”. How did this phrase suddenly achieve the status of exclusive political correctness? Three or four years ago it was never used in this country. How can we get rid of it?
JS Brennan

• As I usually agree with Jenni Murray, my exact contemporary, I was surprised to see that she was mistaken concerning the availability of the pill in the late 1960s (G2, 31 January), stating that it was only available to married women until the 1970s. As an unmarried 18-year-old in 1968, I had no difficulty obtaining it wedding ring-free from my local family planning clinic in London, for which I will be for ever grateful.
Moira Doherty
Reston, Virginia, USA

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Source: The Guardian
Why the obsession with ‘calling it out’? | Brief letters