Woman Does the Unthinkable: Ditches 11 Animals on Side of Road

Woman dumps cats and dog on road

Taking care of dogs is a large responsibility. Having more than
one increases the work. Anyone with a dog at home knows this to be
true. When keeping a dog becomes overwhelming, the best thing to do
is find your pup a safe place to live. One Florida woman had too
many animals. Instead of caring for them, she simply let them go.
Abandoned them. Well, more like “dumped” them. Awful!

A Reckless Choice

In early June, a woman brought ten cats and a senior dog to a
shelter in Ruskin, Florida. The woman brought the animals to the
C.A.R.E. Animal Shelter
(Critter Adoption & Rescue Effort, Inc.) shelter.
Unfortunately, they did not have space for all of her charges. They
turned the woman away.

And then, the woman committed a crime. She did not try to find
another home for the animals. Despite a literal warning sign on the
C.A.R.E. Inc., fence explaining that dumping animals is against the
law, the woman dropped all eleven cats and dog on the side of the

A Search Begins

Unfortunately, no one knew the woman’s name. She drove off
without care for the animals’ future. Luckily, video cameras
captured her actions and her vehicle. Now, central Florida news
stations are spreading the word, hoping to find this woman.

If caught by authorities, this woman will become part of the
county’s animal abuser registry. She could face a fine and even
jail time.

Immediately after discovering what happened, volunteers found
one cat. Then, other volunteers were on the lookout for the
remaining cats and dog. It took several days, but all of them were
eventually found and brought to the shelter. Once there, the
animals were treated by medical personnel. Authorities have not
found the woman, yet.

Sadly, this is not the first story of animal dumping in this

Sherry Silk, CEO of The Humane Society of Tampa
told Good Morning Tampa Bay, “If you have a pet, you can
not dump them. Somebody should come forward and say

She said in late May, someone tossed a four-week-old kitten out
of a moving car. There is a $6,000 reward for information leading
to who abandoned this cat. Silk said, “I guess the woman that was
on the sidewalk, she screamed. They got the kitten before it could
get hit again.”

These stories of animal neglect are truly heartbreaking. Dumping
animals is a crime. We hope they catch these wrongdoers. If anyone
can help identify this woman, please contact C.A.R.E. Animal Shelter.

Watch the video below to learn more about these survivors.

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Woman Does the Unthinkable: Ditches 11 Animals on Side of Road

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Woman Does the Unthinkable: Ditches 11 Animals on Side of Road